Sanaa Lathan Graces The Cover Of Rolling Out Magazine

sanaa-lathan-for-rolling-out-magazineThe absolutely gorgeous Sanaa Lathan graced the cover of Rolling Out magazine.

Inside the issue, The Best Man Holiday actress dished on her gravitating more towards Instagram, her character Robin, what she does in her downtime, and some of her Virgo characteristics.

Excerpts and more pics below:

On gravitating more towards Instagram:
Well, this is definitely a new thing for me. I was very resistant to social media at first, and actually just a couple months ago when I was on [The Best Man Holiday] set, I started having fun with it. At first, it was just a creative thing for me, and then I got encouraged by everyone from my agent to the studios, to keep it up. It’s really interesting to me how involved social media can be from a business perspective, so I’m interested in exploring where it can go as it relates to my career.

On her character Robin in The Best Man Holiday:Well, I play Robin, who is now married to Take Diggs’ character, Harper, and we have been married for over 10 years now. She’s a chef at a very fabulous restaurant in Harlem, and she’s also nine months pregnant.

On playing a pregnant woman:
It was really hard. They created a real prosthetic, where they molded the belly and made it very real for me. I had to wear it every day, and it was like a personal sauna. So, I feel like I was experiencing some of the problems that a real pregnant woman would feel, because I was dying of heat the entire time, and always needed a personal fan. I honestly think it helped me be more believable as a pregnant woman.

On what she does in her downtime:
You know, I go through phases. I have really social periods where I have to be around lots of friends, and go out … I love the club, loud music, and the energy of the nightlife. But then I go through periods where I’m literally a hermit. I’m a Virgo, and they call the Virgo the hermit, so I’m just by myself, and I read and lay in bed all day, and retreat inward. So you know, it swings with me, and really just depends on how I’m feeling.

On the characteristics of a Virgo:
Well, Virgos are very down-to-earth. She’s an earth mother, and is also very picky. So I’m very picky, and I’m a perfectionist to a fault. I’m also very critical … but Virgos tend to be very critical of others, and of the people around them — especially people that they love. But in the end, they’re really the most critical of themselves, which pretty much sums me up.

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