RHOA’s Kenya Moore To Launch Hair Care Line

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Kenya Moore Graces The Cover Of Hype Hair MagazineFormer Miss USA turned Real Housewives of Atlanta star is seriously getting her hustle on.

Kenya Moore is gearing up to launch her very own hair care line for women who want to have long tresses like her without wearing weave.

READ: Kenya Moore Graces The Cover Of Hype Hair Magazine

The Booty Boot Camp instructor insists that she doesn’t wear weave and that her hair is 100% real as she stated during an appearance on  the Wendy Williams show.

I am working on my own hair care line and it’s a culmination of all of my favorite products and ingredients that I have come to love. I ‘m very passionate about hair care and love shiny, healthy hair. My products will first help to repair hair and then strengthen it so it will grow longer.

Looks like copycat Kenya is at it again… 

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If my memory serves me right, Porsha Stewart recently announced that she too would be launching a new hair line as well, but it’s more than likely going to be an extension line because we all know Porsha loves her weave and the pic she posted of her sister (below) clearly shows some tresses from another misses.

Since Kenya released her workout DVD, there have been claims that she outsold Phaedra Parks’ ‘Phine Body’ DVD.

Who do you think will outsell between her and Porsha’s hair line products. My guess is the weave will win. Most women love weave and don’t care too much for their natural hair, unfortunately. Me on the other hand, I like to do both so when I take the weave off, I’ll have hair underneath, but that’s just me!!!RHOA-Porsha-Stewart-Tweet RHOA-Porsha-Stewart-Tweet-2

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