Power Season 4 Official Trailer

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I don’t know about y’all, but after watching this Power season 4 official trailer, I’m too ready.

Starz has dropped the official trailer for Power season 4 and it seriously ON. As you all know, Ghost got arrested after his side piece Angela turned him in. Now he’s having to lean on his family, wife Tasha and friend Tommy to help get him out.

In the trailer, you’ll see Ghost getting officially booked into jail and escorted down by the late Charlie Murphy. You’ll later see his wife Tasha come to his aid insisting that they’re a family and are “in this together”. Tommy doing his best to maintain things as usual so they can convince the jury that he’s just a simple club owner.

Later in the trailer, you’ll also see Tasha and Angela meet up which has us wondering what they’re up to.

Watch as it all goes down…

Power season 4 will premiere on June 25th on Starz. Will you be watching?

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