PCOS: Causes, Symptoms & What Inspired Me To Share My Story


As you all know, since joining Instagram I am pretty much addicted. I find some great things on there like makeup tips, recipes, and even stuff that inspires me to write and share with you all.

A few days ago, I ran across the picture below (which I blurred out) of this makeup artist that I follow where she revealed her struggle with PCOS and it was truly inspiring because I know it took some courage for her to even show this picture because what woman wants to have hair growing in places it shouldn’t.

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Here’s what she said:

This is me how you guys usually see me, that happy girl doing what she love and posting pictures to spread inspiration as much as she can. But this girl you see have some problems with her body. She has been struggling with this for almost 10 years and what it looks like, she has to struggle with this some years more. When I was 16 I noticed that something was wrong with my body and face, I had unnatural much hair growth in my face and I went to the doctor to try finding help. I got diagnosed with PCOS, an actually common illness that many women have, some have more problems then others. I have the worst kind of it and for 10 years I’ve been trying everything there is to try and there has been pain, waxing most of the time but also trying products that is not meant for the face and actually got burns and bruises that has left scars on my skin. As a makeup artist my face is my canvas and commercial for my work and this is hard for me everyday. Peoples looks, peoples questions and I’m always scared about peoples thoughts. But this is me, I’m still trying to stand strong and I know that I am loved my many and I have this amazing support by family and friends, even people through the Internet. If you are seeing and reading this and you also have this struggle, or anything else you have to deal with, please know that you are not alone. You are beautiful ❤️ #youarestrong #beautiful #beauty #mua #dragoonfly #igers #real #life #struggle #pcos #illness #icanmakeit

I truly admire her courage for sharing not only her story but the picture because that’s something that I still don’t have the courage to do which is why I shared her picture instead. Yes, I have PCOS too and here’s my story.

When I was about 15 or 16, I started to notice that I was growing hair under my chin and neck. At first, I didn’t think much of it because I’ve seen a couple stray hairs on my mother and some other women in my family so I just plucked them and kept it moving. Of course, they would grow back, but by the time I got in my early 20s, they would come in more frequent and more started to come.

It wasn’t until I was about 21 and I had a cervical cancer scare that I learned it would be difficult for me to get pregnant. The doctor told me that once I get under 200lbs, that I would be able to conceive. Well of course, my ass never did get under 200 lbs so I still didn’t get pregnant and really wasn’t worried too much about it then because I was still young and very much unmarried and around that time I wasn’t even thinking about children.

When I got married, I started wondering if I could have children or not. Even though I wasn’t too worried about it then, I still wanted to know. I had gained a lot of weight in the first couple years of my marriage and although we really weren’t trying to get pregnant, I still wondered why I hadn’t.

SO, I went to the doctor and of course they just told me to lose weight, like I could just take a magic pill and come back the next day and say ‘hey I’m ready.’ I then went to see a weight loss doctor and got on some pills and started to lose weight pretty quick but then I had to stop because my cycles were getting pretty irregular.

For about two almost three years, my cycles were really off. I started off by missing one and of course my first thought was that I had finally got pregnant, but the very next month it came on and of course I was disappointed. Then my cycles started to get even more irregular and they would come on every two months so I would only have about 4 cycles a year. Come to find out, I was developing a very large cyst in my left ovary that eventually ruptured and landed me in the ER thinking I was bleeding to death. That’s when I discovered that I too had PCOS and that was back in 2008.

PCOS is Polycystic ovary syndrome which is a health problem that affects women’s menstrual cycle, ability to have children, hormones, heart, blood vessels, and appearance. By appearance it normally means you have high levels of andorgens which is the male hormones which is the main cause of hair growth in places women aren’t supposed to have it.

Between 1 in 10 and 1 in 20 women of childbearing age has PCOS. As many as 5 million women in the United States may be affected. It can occur in girls as young as 11 years old.

Although the cause of PCOS is still unknown, experts think that several factors including genetics can play a role in it. It’s basically a hormonal imbalance where a woman’s ovaries make more androgens than normal which can cause acne, excessive hair growth, weight gain and problems with ovulation.

I’ve been pretty mum about my struggle with PCOS but I understand exactly where the makeup artist is coming from. And as the PCOS foundation website says, it can definitely cause you to go into depression because I’ve been there. To have hair growing in places it shouldn’t, weight gain that you can hardly control and infertility, at times it can make you feel less of a woman. I know I have felt that way many times as I have excessive hair growth and haven’t been able to conceive at all and it makes you feel very sad at times.

I have never even shared this story with my family members because it’s something that I really don’t like talking about. It’s really hard dealing with it, but it’s time to speak out and possibly help some other women who are going through the same thing.

I really appreciate the makeup artist for sharing her story because it inspired me to share mine. Just because you have PCOS doesn’t mean you’re not beautiful.

To learn more about PCOS, it’s causes and symptoms, visit WomensHealth.gov  and PCOS Foundation.

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