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Essence Atkins Is Expecting

Awwwww! There must be something in the water because I just found out two of my cousins were pregnant, one of my friends just had a baby Saturday, Fantasia and now Essence Atkins! I remember the first time I saw her on TV when she was playing Steve Harvey’s daughter on the sitcom ‘Smart Guy’ […]

Rihanna’s Million Dollar Hair

I must be in the wrong profession because I KNOW I’m tripping! Rihanna pays her stylist $3200 a day? Really? WOW!!! I’m not gone lie, Rihanna hair color be off the chain and some of those cuts she be rocking be razor sharp but Ursula Stephens got me bout to head to beauty school and learn how […]

J. Hud Down To A Size 0

Weight Watchers’ sales gone blow through the roof since Jennifer Hudson has now revealed that she’s down to a size 0. Her 80lb weight loss transformation is amazing. I’ll admit, it took me a minute to get used to her being that small, especially since I’ve always admired her for repping for the thick girls […]

‘Basketball Wives’ Might Get Pulled From VH1’s Schedule

NBA superstar, Gilbert Arenas, has decided to file a lawsuit against VH1’s reality series ‘Basketball Wives’ because his ex-fiance, baby mama or whoever she is, Laura Govan, is set to have role on the latest season of the show’s LA series. Arenas filed a motion seeking an injunction against the show.  He is trying to make […]

Bootcamp Beatdown: Day 2

Well yall I survived another fitness bootcamp yesterday! I was really, really proud of myself because I made it through the entire hour and I was going strong. The biggest thing is that I didn’t get sick this time. I am truly on a mission to get this other Diva off my back. Sorry girl […]

Keyshia Cole Made My Day

Yesterday, I was logged into my Twitter account just browsing to see what everybody was talking about and came across a couple of Keyshia Cole’s tweets about Oakland’s Keyshia Cole day. I replied saying that basically she is so blessed because she’s always giving back and that her song ‘Take Me Away’ was my song for Music […]