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Bringing My Sexy Back

I’m sure all yall know I’m working on getting my sexy back and nothing is more sexy to me than an all over catsuit showing off my curves. Soon as I get my body all the way back in shape, I’m buying me a catsuit from some where and going to post a picture for […]

T.I.’s Book ‘Power and Beauty’ Cover Art Released

  With all the hoopla of T.I. getting out of prison, returning and being released to the halfway house yet again, they managed to release the cover art of his new book that will be hitting book stores October 18th. I don’t know about yall, but I’m interested in reading what Power & Beauty is […]

Got My Title Transferred Today

Well I’m sure yall read my long story yesterday about that shyster Jalloh Lamin, a.k.a. Jay Lamin of Decatur, GA. I finally had time to go get my title transferred and everything went well. I should have my title in my hands within the next week or so, so I’m definitely happy about that! Now […]

Treasuring My Flea Market Finds

Guest post written by Alexis Brewer I’m definitely one of those people that loves her shopping. I’ve always been that way. I remember back when I was a little girl I would always go with my grandma to yard sales on early Saturday mornings and she would let me pick out one thing each time. […]

Look of the Day: BeBe’s 90210 Collection

The 90’s hit show 90210 is back and BeBe is selling their look. If you want to look like the chics from 90210 then you need to check out BeBe’s for 90210 collection. The 90210 look of the day is the Amanda Halter Two Tone Dress and accessories. I really love this dress because it’s […]

Beware of Shyster Jalloh Lamin a.k.a. Jay Lamin of Decatur, GA Claiming To Be A Used Car Salesman (Part 3)

Last Thursday, I got a call from Mr. Lamin stating it was very important that we meet so he can give me my title. I was very polite and nice even, surprisingly, and agreed to meet him. I really wasn’t expecting him to meet me because the last time we were supposed to meet he […]