Nicki Minaj Graces Cover Of Marie Claire

Nicki-Minaj-Marie-Claire-Cover-2013-TractHer-TrailHerI don’t know about y’all, but I’m loving the new Nicki Minaj. Not that I didn’t admire her for her unique style, but I just knew there was such a beautiful face under all those whacky wigs and costumes.

Nicki has definitely shown us that she is all about making boss moves as she has not only took the music industry by storm, but also snagged some deals with major companies like M·A·C, KMart & Myx Fusions.

The new reformed Nicki graced the cover of Marie Claire magazine where she dished on men and relationships, becoming a mom one day, pursuing a career in acting and of course her being a judge on Fox’s hit reality show American Idol.

On relationships:

Don’t chase any man. Put your school first. Men love independent women. You don’t have to be a b*tch, but there’s nothing wrong with it at times. And: Men are kids at heart. They want to be nourished and pet like a dog.

On becoming a mom one day:

I want to be a mom one day, and I want to start becoming the woman who I want to parent my child.’ I wanted all of the feelings of entitlement to leave me, because some people have this life for a year or five or 10 – and a lot of them lose it. I didn’t want to become a person who wasn’t enjoying the moment.

On pursuing a career in acting:

I at least want to do three more albums. One day, when I start getting a couple gray hairs, maybe it will all be only acting. I just never know. I’ve kind of become the poster child for doing the things that no one expects.

On being on American Idol:

The perception that people had of me completely changed because there are no cue cards, there’s no script, and it wasn’t me performing a song. It was, ‘Let’s see your real personality. My core is a genuine human being who roots for other people. I didn’t want to blow smoke up their ass. I wanted every contestant to leave with something that they could remember.




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