Neffe Pens Second Book ‘Price I Paid’

With Keyshia Cole busy promoting her new album and preparing for her new reality show ‘Family First,’ I knew it was just a matter of time before her other family members whom she introduced to us via her last show would surface.

Neffe Pugh recently sat down with S2S Magazine about her new upcoming book The Price I Paid. The book, which is being published under her new deal with Tionna Small’s Talk Dat Ish Books, focuses on what happened in her life after the cameras stopped rolling and the trials and tests of life with her new merged family.

Check out some excerpts from the interview:

On her biggest challenge:

“It was hard to open up to myself, not to the world, because my life is already an open book,” Neffe admitted.  “To open up to myself and say, ‘hey, you need a reality check,’ that was hard.”

On her book:

“I think this book will empower people to keep going no matter what. It will encourage them to turn their struggles into triumph, and I’m excited about that.”

“I know it’s going to touch somebody somewhere while they’re down and out and I hope this book helps them to keep pushing.”

On her life now:

“If I wrote a book about my life now it would be called Sane or Sanity because I am in a happy place,” Neffe told S2S. “I’m at a place now where God is going to blossom me into a rose, and I’m excited.”

On whether she’ll make an appearance on ‘Family First’:

“I love my sister and I’m proud of her and everything she has done,” said Neffe. “I’m excited for her comeback; I will be a #1 fan of the show, but right now, I’m in a different season in my life.”

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