Need A Vacation? 5 Scientifically Proven Reasons You Need Take One

I just came off an amazing, much needed vacation in Atlantic City. Since I’m not much of a gambler, I spent most of my time relaxing on the beach and walking the boardwalk. Half the year is gone and I realized that I hadn’t been anywhere this year and even though it wasn’t out the country as I would’ve preferred, it was at least some time away from work, home and just my busy life period.

When I returned home, I was chatting up with a really great friend and we decided that we will take mini vacays every 30 days. In our line of work, it can get overwhelming at times and although I love what I do, sometimes I just need time away to relax and get my mind right if you know what I mean.

While getting ready to do some work upon my return, I ran across this really great article that confirmed that I need to vacation more. According to, there is scientific proof that at least an annual vacation is needed to help you with heart conditions, prolong your life as well as bring you more happiness. After reading these, I have to admit that all five of them are actually correct and I’ll tell you why just keep reading.

Here are 5 reasons why you need to take a vacation:

1. To protect your ticker. 
According to a study involving nearly 13,000 high-risk heart patients, people who regularly take annual vacations slash their risk of death from heart disease by as much as 29 percent.

Everyone knows that being on vacation really helps you to relax and escape your at homes problems/issues at least for the 3-5 days you’re gone. When you return home, you’re ready to face them head on and most of the time with a better outlook on how to resolve them.

2. To extend your life. 
The same study found that people who vacation have a 17 percent lower risk of death from any cause.

WOW! This is definitely something to consider because people are dying every day and most of the time it’s related to stress.

3. To be happier—even before you leave home.
Dutch scientists discovered that simply anticipating a trip increases happiness. And a study published in 2009 in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine found that vacations and other leisure activities lead to a more positive outlook and lower levels of depression.

Now this one was really funny to me and my sisters. Just before our vacation to Atlantic City, we were all super excited about going. All we kept talking about was how we were going to relax on the beach and hit the casino. I think we started packing a week early.

4. To improve the quality of your relationship.
Research by the Rural Women’s Health Study revealed a direct correlation between frequency of vacations and odds of marital satisfaction: The more time a woman took off, the happier she was at home.

Every woman on this planet needs a vacation. Let’s face it, we’re the ones who pretty much do ALL the work. If you’re a wife and mother it’s twice as much work than just being a single woman. So the more time you get to vacation, the happier your at home life will be. So hubbies and boyfriends, come up off that money and send your woman on a vacation at least twice a year.

5. To boost your productivity.
Numerous studies on workers have shown that time off is crucial for stress recovery (a process of psychophysiological unwinding)—and that stress recovery is key to improving well-being and performance on the job.

While relaxing on the beach, I had TONS of new ideas for my business and upcoming business adventures. It was so relaxing that I actually allowed my mind to be free and clear enough to let my thoughts flow. By the time I got home, I was ready to hit the ground running again.

So ladies, taking a vacation once or twice a year is very good for not only time away from home, but your relationship, business and health.

**Clinks glasses** Here’s to vacationing more often!!!

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