Mo’Nique: “I Want To Get To 180”

Seems like everyone is on a mission to be healthier. Since the Queen of Comedy’s nighttime talk show was cancelled on BET last July, she has been going hard in the gym. Mo’Nique built her career as a comedian around “I hate skinny bishes” mentality but now it seems as if she’s headed in that direction. Well, not quite!!! Mo’Nique is simply on a mission to be healthier.

I remember a while back when she first started slimming down for her talk show and she told everyone what got her on her weight loss mission. Apparently, her hubby wanted to know how much she weighed so he asked her. At the time she was proud to be 262 but lost a whopping 45lbs taking her to 217. Now she’s on a mission to get to her ideal weight of 180.

“I want to get to 180,” she told audience members during the premier season of her show. “That’s an amazing weight for me. I’m still a thick girl but it’s a healthy weight.”

A little over a month ago, I saw some pics she posted on Twitter and tweeted her how much she’s motivated me to keep going. Funny how we have similar weight goals as I’m on a mission to get to 175.

Check out Mo’Nique getting her workout on:

Just in case you’re wondering if you should workout while on your cycle, Mo’Nique posed the question on the hit show ‘The Drs.’ Check out the video below to get the answer!

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