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Monica Pearson Announces Retirement From WSB-TV After 37 Years

Monica Pearson Monica Pearson Announces Retirement From WSB TV After 37 Years

I never thought the day would come when the hardest working woman in the news, Monica Pearson, would retire. My mom used to always talk about Monica’s hair and how it just never seemed like she knew what she wanted to do with it. I was so used to calling her Monica Kaufman, but over the recent years she finally changed to her married name Pearson.

No matter if I was looking at the TV screen or not, I would know when I heard her voice. The way she delivered the news always seemed heart-felt and even though I’ve never met her there is just something about her that seemed angelic like she’s a really nice person who was passionate about her job as a news anchor woman.

After 37-years of being on channel 2 action news, she announced yesterday that she would be retiring in July. Monica is the longest

running anchor in the market, has seen tons of growth in Georgia.

“Wow!” said Pearson on WSB-TV’s website. “Thirty-seven years is a long time to have gone by so quickly. I am thankful for this job every day and for the supreme good fortune to have been allowed to pursue my life’s calling in such an honorable place as Channel 2.”

Monica truly made history as it relates to the anchor news industry when she became the first black and the first woman to anchor a 6 o’clock newscast here in Atlanta.

“With that one hire,” she said to WSB, “they broke the color and gender barrier in local news in a major Southern city. I worked hard to repay that support every day and night over these 37 years.”

Monica will truly be missed on the Channel 2 Action News. I know she has put in lots of years and as she stated she deserves a break, and after 37 years, I think she does too.

Now the question is, who will fill Monica’s shoes??? I think Jovita Moore is definitely in the running! Who do  you think will take Monica’s place?

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