Monica Brown Gives Us A Peek Of Her Baby Girl Laiyah Shannon

Monica-BrownLooks like Monica  is on the hide the baby celebrity train too…

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I don’t know what it is about celebrities these days, but ever since Beyoncé hid out Blue Ivy for a year, everyone else has been doing the same thing. It’s like monkey see, monkey do. I’m like seriously, if Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton can show their baby and they’re royalty, why y’all hiding y’all baby though???

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Anywho!!! Monica Brown has been keeping baby Laiyah Shannon Brown hidden and under tight lock and key like the other celebrities, but she shared  a very intimate photo via Instagram of her and her first baby girl with husband Shannon Brown captioned:

Some moments in life are so sweet that nothing else matters #LaiyahShannon Mommy loves u!!! After she nurses she likes to sleep like this #FatherGodThankUForMyChildren

Peep the pic below:monica-brown-and-baby-laiyah-shannon-brownI guess we’ll get to see her darling little face one day, hopefully soon!

5 thoughts on “Monica Brown Gives Us A Peek Of Her Baby Girl Laiyah Shannon

  1. That comment was uncalled for. Monica never released any new born pics of her other children. Any pics you saw was actually posted by friends of family. Beyonce is not the only woman to have a child and post their pics. Its their child once again.

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