Malinda Williams Graces Cover Of Rolling Out Magazine, Dishes On New Movie “Marry Me For Christmas”

Malinda-Williams-Covers-Rolling-OutHere’s a face we don’t see much on the cover of magazine. I’ve always felt like Malinda Williams is such an underrated actress.

Malinda Williams is absolutely GORGESSSSSSSSSSSSSS on the cover of Rolling Out magazine. Queen “Short Hair Don’t Care” is the cover girl for Rolling Out magazine’s latest issue and inside she dished on the new movie she produced “Marry Me For Christmas,” longevity in the entertainment industry, her beauty secrets and her definition of success.

More pics and excerpts from the cover shoot below:

On her new movie “Marry Me For Christmas”:
I am excited about the movie. It’s the first time I am a producer. I am the executive producer along with Swirl Films. We shot this movie in eight days and if you ever been on a movie set, that’s a huge undertaking. I worked with an amazing cast and crew. Our director, Roger Melvin; and the writer, Rhonda Freeman-Baraka, had a really great vision for the film.

On longevity in the entertainment industry:
I definitely feel I have been blessed with a charmed life. One of my advantages I think I have is I have a “youthful” look, so that’s great and adds to my longevity. I played a teenager for a very long time, a young lady for a very long time. It lengthens the time span of playing different roles. I like to choose roles and create a résumé that affects an audience in an emotional way. The saying goes “People will forget what you said to them but they will never forget how you made them feel.” It’s always been about how I make [the audience] feel.

On her top five beauty products:
I actually have in my kitchen — above the dishes, plates, the cups and wine glasses — a section for all my hair products [laughs]. For my face, I always like to mix a moisturizer with essential oils. I love Bobbi Brown [products], but I will shop at Walmart in a heartbeat and pick up lipstick I think is fabulous. If it’s good, it’s good. The cheaper the better … [laughs].

On being blessed with good genes:
Well, I am blessed with good genes and don’t have to work out all the time. I have a grandfather who is 103 years old and still is walking on his own. We have good genes and we “grilled” my grandfather on what he eats [to stay so healthy]. He eats lots of prunes and yams — at least a yam a day. You will still see me at a drive-thru at McDonald’s ordering a cheeseburger with some fries [laughs].

On her definition of success:
Happiness. The level of happiness you are able to attain is how I measure my success. I am always checking with my son, “Am I happy? Does this make me happy?”




Malinda-Williams-Covers-Rolling-Out-4Catch the full interview over at Rolling Out.

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