Magazine CovHER: Michelle Obama InStyle

Michelle Obama, Michelle Obama InStyle magazine, InStyle magazineMagazine CovHER: Michelle Obama InStyle

Michelle Obama Instyle magazine cover is absolutely gorgeous. The First Lady of the United States graced the cover of InStyle magazine’s October 2016 issue.

Inside the issue, she dished on her style, social media and the biggest issues girls face today.

Peep more pics and excerpts from the FLOTUS’ InStyle magazine interview below:

On letting girls learn and why we should pay attention:
“Sixty-two million girls around the world aren’t in school, and the first thing that comes to my mind is, ‘That could’ve been me.’ [I think about] how I would have felt at the age of 10 or 11 or 12 if somebody walked up and said, ‘That’s it. Your dreams are over! You’re going to have to leave school and get married to somebody twice your age and start having kids.'”

On social media:
“We can fool ourselves into thinking that everybody is still watching the evening news, but I live with Generation Z, and I know that their habits, the way they take in information in, is so different. And they’ve changed… We’ve got to meet our constituents where they are, and they’re on Snapchat.”

On following the trends:
“I tend not to worry about the trends, because what works for an 18-year-old selfie queen may not for a 52-year-old First Lady who is a mom of teenagers she is trying to be a good role model for.”

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On her personal style:
“Very casual. No makeup, a T-shirt, and a pair of ripped jean shorts or workout pants because I’m always on the verge of going to or coming from [working out]. I love color and pieces that make me feel good, but it’s much more informal.”

On her plans after leaving the white house:
“My hopes are to recapture some of the everydayness, some anonymity. And we know that will take some time. But I always joke that I dream of opening up my front door and walking out without any notification, without any security.”

“….and it will be nice to open up the paper, look at the front page, and know that you’re not responsible for every headline… It’s sort of like, It’s not my job.”


Michelle Obama, Michelle Obama InStyle magazine, InStyle magazine

Michelle Obama, Michelle Obama InStyle magazine, InStyle magazine

Michelle Obama, Michelle Obama InStyle magazine, InStyle magazine

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