Love & Hip Hop’s Yandy Smith Dishes On Starting New Record Label And Releasing Cookbook For Single Mothers

Yandy-SmithBefore the reality show Love and Hip Hop, many of us had no idea who Yandy Smith was. Since LHHNY aired, we have all got a chance to get to take a peek into Yandy’s life, who is Jim Jones’ former manager, and see just how she juggles being a single mom and businesswoman.

If you watched the season premiere of Love and Hip Hop New York season 4, you would’ve saw that Yandy collaborated with Rich Dollaz to start her own record label and she’s also hinted that she’s releasing a cookbook this upcoming Spring geared towards making easy meals for single moms on the go.

In an interview with Vibe, she dished on life as a single mom, businesswoman and how she’s dealing with her fiance Mendeecees being incarcerated.

Excerpts below:

On starting her own record label:
Well I’ve been wanting to do a label for a very long time. When I had a baby I realized that the whole sitting in the studio, or going to the club getting DJs to play my records just wasn’t going to be my thing. I knew that was Rich’s thing. He can find a great record, goes to the clubs and promotes music. Rich can knock on the DJs’ doors because he knows all of them; he’s done radio for years. So Rich has become the ying to my yang with this label. I can sit in an office and I can close the deals. I can make sure our bottom lines and our income is being generated. I’m great at that, so I think it was the perfect combination.

On being away from her fiance Mendeecees:
I think the hardest thing is him missing everything. He’s missing Omere’s birthday, he missed little Mendeecee’s birthday; even him seeing little steps that the kids are taking. But then also, I just miss my best friend. I speak to him on the phone all the time, I see him every other week but actually having him there to go through raising the boys and just doing the things we like to do.

She is also planning to release a cookbook this upcoming Spring which will provide recipes to mothers on how to make simple, nutritious meals for their families all while juggling their busy lives. There’s no word on the name of the book, but Yandy said she would be releasing actual webisodes of her cooking on her YouTube channel and to just pretty much stay tuned.

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