Love & Hip Hop’s Tara Wallace & Amina Buddafly Take “Sharing Is Caring” To A New Level

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I finally got a chance to watch the latest episode of Love & Hip Hop which aired this past Monday and as I suspected Tara Wallace is indeed pregnant with her third child by deadbeat dad/husband to Amina Buddafly, Peter Gunz.

Mona Scott-Young has to be thee biggest reality show pimp there is and I’m seriously wondering where in thee hell does she find these chicks. At first, I thought this show was really set up for pure entertainment, you know, kinda like a nighttime soap opera because I seriously didn’t think there were women out here that desperate and gullible that they would allow themselves to be pimped and humiliated on national television, but boy was I wrong.

Yes, everybody plays a fool sometimes, but you don’t have to be a fool all your life.

If you have been following the show for the last few seasons, you would know the story about how Tara Wallace, Peter Gunz and Amina Buddafly are all affiliated. If not, then lemme drop a little overview so you’ll understand why I’m about to stay what I’m about to say about this little situation.

Peter Gunz is a “producer” who was in a long-term, 13 + years to be precise, relationship with Tara Wallace. During their relationship, Peter cheated a number of times, but took cheating to another level when he married his then side chick Amina Buddafly and they shortly conceived a baby together as well.

Fast forward to current day, Peter and Amina were supposedly broken up and Peter had Tara move into the same building as them. On the episode before this past Monday’s episode, Tara, Peter and Amina all got into a heated discussion about the status of all their relationships together where Tara reveals that Peter told her that “Amina was a mistake that went too far.”

Amina and Tara later got into a fight or whatever and Amina announced yet again she was pregnant with her second child by Peter, but later got an abortion while Tara is all out in the open proudly now showing off her baby bump for the world to see just how much of a damn fool she is.

Don’t get me wrong, babies are a blessing from God no matter how they’re conceived because Lord knows I’m praying for the day God sees fit to bless me with one, but poor baby for having to be born into this messed up situation.

Since Tara found out that Peter and Amina were married, she has been on a mission to prove that she can still sleep with him no matter what, but I’m curious as to exactly what does that really mean? A man can sleep with any woman and even be with her for years and years and not even give a shit about her as Peter has already proven to both women. Sooooooo, what was her reason for going so far as to even getting pregnant by Peter again like she won a damn prize or something.



Reasons why I’m side-eyeing Tara Wallace right now:

  • First of all, she allowed a man to waste damn near two decades of her life with no commitment, THEN, when she finds out he’s married to another chick after knowing her less than a year, she continues to allow him to drag her ass like a kid drags their favorite blanket.
  • Secondly, she not only kept sleeping with this man, but chose to bring another child into this world with him in an already fucked up situation.
  • Third, what kinda desperate shit can she really be on allowing this man to not only drag her and cheat on her repeatedly, but to also do it publicly and have the NERVE to try and teach someone about etiquette. This chick couldn’t teach me shit about etiquette because she doesn’t even know how to run her own fucking life and show a man how to treat her like a queen.
  • Finally, she has boys she’s raising that will eventually turn out to be just like their no-good father and think it’s okay to use and mistreat women. How are you going to tell your sons how they should treat a woman when they’re going to get old enough one day to see how their mom allowed their dad to treat her like shit and she stayed like it was okay.

I’m seriously wondering what kind of checks is Mona Scott- Young dishing out for these reality shows because this story sounds oh so familiar as we all know it started with Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Joseline Hernandez, Stevie J and MiMi Faust trio. I’m not understanding how these chicks sit up and act like it’s nothing to share their man. They all might as well move in together and be his concubines. Just saying.

What are your thoughts on Tara Wallace getting pregnant by Peter Gunz again, meanwhile his wife Amina Buddafly had to make the hard decision to get rid of her kid? When did it become so widely accepted for chicks sharing their man knowingly and willingly?

Share your thoughts below!

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2 thoughts on “Love & Hip Hop’s Tara Wallace & Amina Buddafly Take “Sharing Is Caring” To A New Level

  1. Its a hot ass mess! Tara blames all her actions on the KIDS! Nothing that is being done is bettering the kids! You are confusing the kids, allowing this man to spend the night and come and go as he please! Amina need to take cory, divorce Peter and go back to Germany to get herself together while her child is still small.

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