Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s MiMi Faust Goes Under The Knife With Dr. J. Curves



Last night, I tuned in to the Atlanta Monday night soap opera, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, just to catch up and see what’s been going on. It’s not like missing a few episodes really matters because it’s always the same ole drama it was the previous week.

Anywho, one of my favorite characters on the show, MiMi Faust, posted a pic on her Instagram shortly after the show aired revealing that she got a boob job and gave credit for her new perky girls to Dr. Andrew Jimerson, better known as Dr. J. Curves.

If you’re a reality TV junkie, ¬†you probably first seen him on T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle, when he transformed Atlanta’s celebrity hairstylist Shekinah Jo. She went in to have some fat removed from her waistline and add some more plump to her “big booty Judy.”


MiMi admitted to nursing her daughter, Eva, for three years, which I thought was rather odd, but it’s what lead her to the decision to have her breasts done. During the episode, she met with her former boyfriend and baby daddy, Stevie J, who gave her a portion of the money that Joseline Hernandez gave him for her video shoot in Puerto Rico, and MiMi decided then she would do something for herself.

I didn’t think anything was wrong with her breast in the first place as she wears really great bras and have those thangs sitting up like she’s 21 years old, but they do look really nice and natural as she wanted them. Dr. J. Curves had done it again.

On another note, Karlie Redd was experiencing some issues with her breasts leaking and went to Benzino so he could help her finance getting those redone. One reason why I won’t go under the knife for anything unless it’s a medical issue or life threatening. But to each his own.

A quick recap of what I gathered from watching the show last night is Lil Scrappy finally mans up and apologized to Erica Dixon for allowing his mother, Mama Dee to disrespect her and pretty much yank his chain whenever she wants. Rasheeda and Kirk are still having marital issues because she told him a few episodes ago to “do you” and he took it in a literal sense. Joseline proposed to Stevie J asking him to be her life partner so now we know why they’re walking around with wedding rings on and ish.

Next week is the season finale and according to the preview, they are going to have a little “life partner” ceremony where they invite MiMi which is some straight BS.

In case you missed last night’s episode, head on over to Mr. World Premiere and get caught up on the nighttime drama.

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