Losing The BABY Weight!!!

Tia D Mowry Weight Loss 60lbs

The baby, you and the scale.

Pregnancy is a joyous time for most, but in the latter months it gets a bit scary for most moms.  Not because of anxiety of delivery or feeling overwhelmed to have the soon to be newborns room together as early as seven months to prepare for their arrival, but because the number on the scale continue to add up.

Actress and exercise addict, Tia Mowry, after 2 years of hard work and dedication dropped her 60lbs (pic on right) of baby weight and snapped her body right back into shape.  She shared the above photo via InstaGram with a caption that read:

“You can do it!! Me after giving birth and me now:) No matter how long it takes, you can do it! emoji️ I’m rooting for you:) 60 pounds lighter! Xx”

As a woman, seeing your weight increase is just plain MEAN.  No woman especially a new mom want to try to figure out how to juggle shedding the baby weight and caring for her newborn child that can be tough.  The most important thing you can do post-delivery is to take it easy and slow.  Wait to recheck your weight after your 6-8 weeks postpartum checkup to get clearance from your physician that it’s okay for you to begin regular workouts and exercises.  The best thing to do is to ease into your workout routine, start off taking walks with your newborn, jogging, or going bike ridding. You don’t want to jump straight into intense training or heavy lifting so take it slow.  Don’t let the scale be your enemy, stay off of there.  Losing weight takes time and dedication.  Just don’t give up, keep it going! You can do it!

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