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LISTEN: Tamar Braxton’s “WHERE IT HURTS”

tamar braxton where it hurts LISTEN: Tamar Braxtons WHERE IT HURTS

Tamar Braxton is doing the damn thang. Her album Love and War dropped yesterday and all her Tamartian friends are going crazy.

Although I haven’t gotten a chance to listen to the whole album yet, I’ve ran across a couple of her singles on YouTube and I’m feeling pretty much every track I’ve heard so far. She said it was her best work yet and I have to agree.

Tamar’s single Where It Hurts off her Love and War album is pretty hot. It’s a song about a man that was hurt by a woman and she’s trying to heel his pain.

Peep the lyrics below:

What you gotta understand is, i’m still here
It could’ve been my name, and I want it
So, let’s be clear
Yeah I know that she hurt you
None of those circumstances, you got a lot of things to work through
You don’t want to take no chances, chances

What you gotta understand is, even with all that
I’m still here

Will you just show me where it hurts
I can kiss away the pain
I can make it get again if you let me
Will you just show me where it hurts
I’ll make it alright if you want me to
All you gotta do is show me where it hurts
Show me where it hurts baby

Listen to the track below:

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