LISTEN: Babyface & Toni Braxton ‘Where Did We Go Wrong’

babyface-and-toni-braxton-where-did-we-go-wrongToni Braxton and Babyface just released audio for one of their singles ‘Where Did We Go Wrong‘ from their album “Love, Marriage & Divorce.”

The song is about a couple breaking up and trying to figure out where did they go wrong in their relationship. The two sing back and forth to each other about cheating, being hurt and having a broken heart.

Peep some of the lyrics and listen to the song below:

I tried to tell you baby
Tried to tell you a thousand times
Ooh you wouldn’t listen baby
No matter how hard I tried
But you didn’t see the love
Was so in love with you
Then you went to break my heart
Didn’t you?

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