Light Skinned vs. Dark Skinned: Is Skin Color Still A Factor In The Black Community??? “Dark Girls” [Official Trailer]

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I was reading one of my favorite blogs when I ran across a post about this new movie “Dark Girls” that is about how women with darker skin are discriminated against in the black community.

As an African American women of lighter skin, it really saddens me that this “brown paper bag” mentality still exists among MY people. I don’t even understand why WE think that lighter is better or that being light skinned automatically makes you “pretty” because it doesn’t.

When I was growing up, I used to hate being light skinned because everyone automatically had the perception that I “thought I was all that.” I mean I was light skinned because I had no choice. My mom is very light and so is her dad’s side of the family. I grew to love my skin eventually because it’s mine and I have to live with it regardless but I had a best friend for 17yrs whom I admired because she was dark skinned and beautiful. Skin was always flawless, but she too had a completion complex, although she never admitted it, I knew that she did. She was dating this light skinned guy that wasn’t a nice guy at all but she insisted on having four kids by him, and I strongly believe it was because she didn’t want any dark kids like herself (God rest her soul). Check out the picture below (My best friend with three of her four kids):

To this very day, I don’t understand what’s the big issue. I have always loved and admired my race because of all the different shades and skin tones. I felt that we were a blessed race to have such a huge variety of color. This “brown paper bag” mentality stemmed from slavery and even though they took the shackles off OUR feet, they are still on our brain. This whole house n*gger and field n*gger crap has to STOP, seriously, because that’s exactly where the division came from. The sad thing is that we can’t even see it. Even though we’re no longer in slavery, we’re still dividing ourselves because of this stupid, ridiculous “light-skinned is it” mentality.

Every time I turn around I see someone changing their appearance to lean more towards what’s so-called “accepted” to this world. If you really think about it, it’s always leaning towards the other races with the smaller nose, thinner lips, blonde hair, blue eyes as if that is the only way to look or be beautiful.

I was truly amazed after watching the “Dark Girls” official trailer and at how some of the women felt they were ugly just because of their skin complexion.  As I was watching the video, I sat here thinking how beautiful they all were. We’re all beautiful in our own way,  and unique if you will, that’s what makes us different. I’m just so SHOCKED and APPALLED that this mess is still going on in 2011, and after we’ve been blessed with our very first African American president.

I encourage you all to watch this trailer and follow by going to see the movie because I definitely will be. Black is beautiful no matter how light or how dark. WE need to learn to love ourselves and each other and stop putting others down to make ourselves feel better. If we don’t learn to stand together, we will fall for anything.

Light skinned DOESN’T make you pretty, and it doesn’t make you better, smarter, or anything of that nature!

Watch the “Dark Girls” trailer below:

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Meiqua Yushundra
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