Let’s Talk About Sexy Baby: Dr. Oz Reveals The Secret Of The G-Spot

Dr. Oz who is known for his hit TV show telling us how to live longer, healthier lives is saying there is something really missing from a woman’s like and that’s orgasms. According to Dr. Oz, the world is sex famine because people don’t take the time to really pleasure each other.

“We have a sexual famine in America because people haven’t spent the time…and it takes time to learn how to excite each other,” he said back in 2009 via the Orlando Sentinel.

“If you can’t sleep, if you’re not having mutual, loving, sexual relations, if you’re not feeling energized, then you’re not living life at its fullest.”

In other words, there are a lot of women out there who are sexually frustrated. When I was growing up, I didn’t even think that women had orgasms at all. I thought it was selfish of God to give them such great pleasure and we not have none at all other than to get pregnant and go through terrible labor pains to bring babies into the world. Until one day when my mother and I finally sat down and had that “sex talk” is when I learned that women got off too. But seriously how many woman TRULY get off???

“Most women have the equivalent of a g-spot and you have to excite that part of the female anatomy. It’s not a button. You don’t just push on some spot.”

So is it really that men are that selfish and don’t want to please their woman or do they even have any idea where the G-spot is???

“…the prostate, which is very sensitive…which was not created in the female body…the same nerves move to the front of the vagina. So, if you put your finger in (making a ‘come here’ gesture) about an inch or two above where you enter, that entire area is generally sensitive…” said Dr. Oz in recent interview with CNN.

But most women have come accustom to FAKING it instead of telling their man exactly where their spot is. Dr. Oz even suggests that you show him where it is.

“Women, please do not trust a guy to do this…we were never taught to do this…you have to literally take the guy by the hand and teach him how to do it.”

“Most guys don’t recognize the simplest things about improving a female’s orgasm. You don’t get that taught in medical school.”

Hmmmmm! So that’s the problem. Men don’t have the slightest clue about how to truly please his woman according to Dr. Oz.

I think it’s extremely important to show your man exactly how to please you. I mean, sexual pleasure is supposed to be a two way street. Learn to be more attentive to those hot spots to get your juices going and rev up that G-Spot.

So ladies, the next time you think about FAKING an orgasm, remember what Dr. Oz said. Having orgasms are not only good for our health, but they keep us happy!!! **wink**

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