Latavia Roberson Still Bitter Over Destiny’s Child Break Up

We all remember Latavia Roberson, right? She was one of the original members of Destiny’s Child.

Seems like Latavia just can’t seem to shake the fact that she was booted from the group and is still bitter about it. Not too long ago, she made an appearance on Real Housewives of Atlanta chatting it up with celebrity lawyer, Phaedra Parks, about how she was trying to shake her alcohol addiction and get herself together.Since the show aired, she has been offered some roles that fell through, but she is on the road to making a comeback.

Kempire Radio recently caught up with the former Destiny’s Child member where she discussed (once again) the fall out of the group and how she felt that Matthew Knowles played a huge part in the decision. How she was never even told that she was officially booted until she saw the new members during the premiere of the ‘Say My Name’ video.

It’s been over 10 years and it seems like Latavia just can’t move on. Hopefully after she makes a comeback it will give her the satisfaction she needs to go on with her life without worrying so much about the past. No, she may not be on Beyonce’ level, but the fact that she is following her dreams should give her some type of fulfillment… we HOPE!

Check out her interview with Kempire Radio below:

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8 thoughts on “Latavia Roberson Still Bitter Over Destiny’s Child Break Up

  1. I didn’t get any hint of bitterness from her interview at all. This was always the master plan of Mathew Knowles to put his daughter in the spotlight and stay there! He has neglected his family in pursuit of his dream and it’s a wonder why Beyonce is no longer his client. I never really liked Beyonce, but I believe that she was hurt by all of these things.

    I am not sure if they can truly call themselves friends as of now, yet there is always hope for the future. I trust God with her (Latavia) life and I know that she’s going to do great things.

  2. Latavia, Asked if you could get a job with American Idol, you may have a chance with them. But stop trying to dress like “B”, because it makes you look flake. Be yourself.

  3. Latavia, I hate to tell you this, but Beyonce’ doesn’t know you anymore, you only know her, just like the rest of us. She changed, you are no longer in her category. Get over it, you are still young, go to school and forget about the original Destiny’s child, because Beyonce’ doesn’t remember it or does she even care! As I said earlier, “Beyonce” doesn’t know you anymore. Bye!!! move on, go to college, perhaps Med-school. You maybe her doctor one day, but you will not be in her singing group. She has changed her life.

    • Yes, we can forgot about the original Destiny’s Child. It is all about money and Latavia was not performing as expected, so she was fired. Also, Beyonce’s group have changed, Latavia would have been let go anyway because she was a rapper, not a singer. And that was done in TLC.

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