Kerry Washington Covers Lucky Magazine December 2013/January 2014 Issue

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I keep telling y’all photo shop is the devil. They got my girl Kerry looking like a chubby face chink on the cover of Lucky magazine and we all know she SLAYS them magazine covers…. Anywho!!!

Scandal star, Kerry Washington, is the cover girl for Lucky magazine’s December 2013/January 2014 issue.

Inside, she dished on becoming a household name, marriage, personal style, and what she loves about vacationing.

Excerpts and more unrecognizable photo shop pics below:

On working in the industry and becoming a household name:
It’s a miracle to even work in this industry. I didn’t become an actress to be on the cover of magazines. That was always a little scary to me. What I love about acting is the craft of becoming different people and telling a story.

On playing the role Olivia Pope:
One of the things I really love about playing Olivia,” says Washington, “is the juxtaposition of her being such a powerful woman and her immeasurable vulnerability.

On Olivia Pope’s style and fashion:
There are shows where every time you see the character she’s in a different piece, and it’s like a fashion event. I didn’t want that. I wanted Olivia to be a real person. We will always buy new pieces, but on every episode we try to use at least one piece that you’ve seen before, whether it’s a suit jacket or pants or a pair of shoes.People always come up to me and say, ‘Oh, I want Olivia’s closet,’ and I’m like, ‘Me too!

On her wedding band:
I never wanted to have a ring that I would feel uncomfortable riding the subway with. My wedding band and engagement ring are the only things I can say that I wear every day. I pin them to my clothing on set. That way, I always have them with me.

On her love for hotels while vacationing:
I love everything about hotels. I love having a view that’s different. I love ordering up a movie on demand and room service and thinking, Well, I guess I’ll just have to eat this in bed! I love televisions in bathrooms, that is the best: taking a bath in salts you’d never buy for home and watching television from the tub. Heaven.




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Life As A Single Mom And Actress
Tamera Mowry's Son Aden Turns 1 On 11/12/13 [VIDEO]

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