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As we all know, Scandal is back up and going but for only three episodes and Olivia Pope has been captured by some mad man that want to teach her a lesson, we guess. No one knows what’s up Shonda Rhimes’ sleeves this season, but one thing’s for sure she will keep us on the edge.

Scandal: Season 1
Scandal superstar, wife and mother, Kerry Washington is the cover girl for InStyle Magazine’s March 2015 issue.

Inside the issue, she dished on juggling fame, her husband and new baby as well as her workout routine that keeps her post-baby body in tip-top shape.

Scandal: Season 2
In the behind-the-scenes video, she gives us a sneak peek of her photo shoot as well as how she keep the Kerry look.

On her beauty routine:
My beauty routine sort of depends on what’s going on in my life. When I’m working, my consists of waking up and rolling out of bed and getting in my car, going to work and then sitting in a chair for three hours while other people do things. On my off days, my beauty routine is washing and cleansing and moisturizing. Usually a little bit of mascara maybe a bit of concealer, lip color, something sheer and natural. Out the door.

On Olivia Pope’s beauty routine:
Olivia’s beauty routine is probably very similar to mine. It’s very low maintenance, low key and she probably does it a lot faster than I do because she’s so efficient and so smart and she’s so much smarter than I am.

On the secret to keeping a secret:
I think the secret to keeping a secret is if you remember how you feel about your own secrets, then you won’t share other people’s because you understand what it means to them. I think Olivia Pope would say ‘the secret to keeping a secret is to not tell anybody because once you tell one person, it’s not a secret’.

On when she feels her most sexy:
I feel most sexy when I’m with people that I love and who love me because I feel comfortable and fully present. I think Olivia Pope feels most sexy when she’s either in a room with Fitz or Jake.

On another note, Kerry Washington’s InStyle magazine cover seemed to have caused some controversy over skin lightening issues. The magazine has since issued a statement saying they didn’t lighten her skin at all and that the cover of their actual magazine may have contributed to her looking much lighter. I keep telling y’all that photoshop is the devil, but y’all don’t hear me though.

This kind of reminds me of the time she did Lucky Magazine December 2013/January 2014 issue when she was damn near unrecognizable. If it hadn’t said it was her on the cover, I would’ve been like ‘Harpo, who dis woman?’ Just saying… In case y’all don’t remember what I’m talmbout, peep the Lucky magazine cover below!!!


Looking back at this Lucky Magazine cover and the current InStyle magazine cover, these look like two different women!!!

Scandal: Season 3
Anywho… Kerry’s InStyle cover is set to hit newsstands and be available for digital download on February 13th.

Catch the full interview at

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Tracee Ellis Ross Graces The Cover Of Essence Magazine
Skate Night: Fun Way To Exercise & Spend Time With Fam

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