Keke Palmer Goes HAM After “RIP” Death Hoax on Twitter

Every week Twitter is killing off someone with the “RIP” trends and tweets. I admit that even when I first saw all the “RIP Whitney Houston” tweets, I had to check CNN, FB and other sources before I even believed that one. Sadly, it was actually true.

Last week, the Twitter death hoax was for Disney star Keke Palmer and it really didn’t sit well with her. She later tweeted to not only let her fans know she was alive and well, but also to let people know how she think the whole Twitter death hoax is getting out of control and that she didn’t appreciate it one bit.

Check out her rant below:

I know once before I heard that this so-called “RIP” trend on Twitter was supposed to stand for “really inspiring person” but hell whenever i see R.I.P or RIP together I immediately think death. I can’t even say I blame her for going HAM because death isn’t anything to play with, it’s permanent.


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