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Kandi Burruss Shows Off Her Abs, Says She “Trying Hard” To Drop 15 Pounds

kandi1 Kandi Burruss Shows Off Her Abs, Says She Trying Hard To Drop 15 PoundsJust days ago, Kandi Burruss was busy showing off her new flowing curly red tresses, but now she’s showing off another asset of hers.

Kandi is apparently on a mission like some of the rest of us trying to whip our body into summertime fine. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star posted a pic on her Facebook fan page showing off her slimming frame saying she’s trying to drop 15 pounds. She even gave us a little tip on just how she’s planning on shaking those 15 extra pounds she’s trying to shed.

Week 2 of my 2mile walk jog… I want to lose 15lbs. I’m trying hard….

Lawd, I wish that’s all I had to lose, but I do understand that losing even a pound can take a long time as it takes about 3500 calories to lose a pound. I have been actually walking 5 miles a day (even though I have slacked off this last entire week) and I have seriously noticed a change in my body as well as my endurance because I’m able to jog more now.

I am very close to reaching a weight loss milestone and I can’t wait to be on my journey to ONEder land.

Anywho, enough about me check out the pic of her showing off her abs and waistline.

Kandi Burruss Shows Off Her Abs Kandi Burruss Shows Off Her Abs, Says She Trying Hard To Drop 15 PoundsDo you all have any weight loss goals this year? How close are you to meeting them? What are some of your eating habits and workout regimens? Please share we would love to hear them. Submit your info to info@tracthertrailher.com and we’ll write about them and share them with the rest of the women who might be struggling to shed unwanted pounds.


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