Is Toya Wright Hinting At New Reality Show???

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Is Toya Wright hinting at new reality show???

Toya Wright may have be hinting that she has a reality show coming soon. The ex-wife of Lil’ Wayne posted a picture to her Instagram captioned “home sweet home” but clearly you see a camera man in the background.

She and her soon-to-be ex-husband Memphitz had been shopping around for a network to pick up a reality show for a while, but it seems that they haven’t been able to make that happen. Many are saying that their split is a publicity stunt in an effort to try and get a network to pick up a show for them, but who knows?

Toya Wright Stops By Wendy Williams + Pens New Book “How To Lose A Husband” [VIDEO]

Last time we saw Toya on TV, she was on the Wendy Williams show talking about her daughter Reginae Carter’s super sweet sixteen special. She dished on how good a girl her daughter is and that’s why she was going all out for her birthday because she could. While she was there, she also made it public that her and her husband MempHitz were indeed separated and addressed him acting out on Instagram and slid in the fact that she had penned yet another book “How To Lose A Husband”. There hasn’t been any word about the book since then nor the release date, but I’m sure if she is doing a reality show, it will be mentioned.

I’m wondering exactly what she has up her sleeve because she’s always on her hustle grind. She’s had a couple of reality shows already with Tameka “Tiny” Harris and another one with her family. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see because I’m sure she’s hinting at something. I mean what other reason would a camera man be in her background????

What do you all think?


Home Sweet Home.🏡

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