Is Social Media Killing Relationships???

social media, social media and relationships, love, marriage, relationships, divorce, breakups, social media relationshipIs Social Media Killing Relationships???

Social media is by far one of the fastest growing ways to connect with people across the world. Even dating all the way back to MySpace, I’ve connected with so many people I hadn’t seen in a long time as far back as elementary school.

When I first joined MySpace, I had no idea that it would connect me to so many people. Then came along Facebook, which I was hesitant about joining, but have since gotten used to the idea, and I ran into even more people. I was appreciative to social media for linking me to family and long-lost friends. It gave me a way to keep up with them, and their family life, etc., without actually seeing and talking to them all the time. Being able to share a picture or two, a couple status updates on what you’re doing can help us all stay connected. But is sharing your relationship really necessary?

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One thing I’ve learned about being in a relationship is that some things need to be kept private. I know there are times when we get upset and want to vent, but social media just isn’t the place. Y’all know what I mean, those who update their status every five minutes about how they’re no longer with Jody and then two days later are back together. THEN wanna get mad because someone says something about it, but they let us all know what was going on, but don’t want us to have an opinion about it. YEAH… THEM!!!

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I don’t think a relationship can simply be killed by social media, but by the things that are going on outside of the internet. For the most part, we all know how we want things to go in our relationship and every relationship is different. You make up your own rules and regulations. Dos and donts. Things you’ll tolerate and things you won’t. It’s solely up to you and your mate. No two relationships are exactly the same so what one person deals with in one may not deal with in another. You have to determine your rules and boundaries.

What I think sharing your relationship on social networks does is open it up for people’s opinions and input. If you’re not ready for that, then you shouldn’t share certain things. Stop putting your business all in the street. Leave some things for people to wonder about.

There’s nothing wrong with sharing, but sharing the bad things have Jody’s future baby mama sliding up in his inbox telling you how she’s better than your present girlfriend. Or for the females, have Jody up in your inbox telling you how he’ll treat you better. Then, you mess around and get tricked out your current relationship only to get in something even worse.

Instead of sharing your relationship woes on your social networks, take that time to talk to your mate and see what the issue is. If you need to vent, use a journal or an unbiased party to do so. Don’t take your problems to the internet because people feed off drama. Hence, the reason reality shows are so popular.

So, is social media killing your relationship? No, you are by sharing too much!


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