intHERviews: THTH Chats With Celebrity Hair Stylist Sew Jodie

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intHERviews: THTH Chats With Colleen Garey - International Hair Weft Guru
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All the way from England, to Hollywood of the South (Atlanta, GA), Celebrity Stylist Sew Jodie makes a name for herself as the hair weave sewing queen.  This busy Celebrity Stylist take the time to chat with, Meiqua Yushundra, TractHer TrailHer’s Founder, to talk about the Sew Jodie Tour, her hair weaving technique, and what’s to come for her brand.
Q. Tell me a little bit about Sew Jodie and how did you come up with your name?
A. One of the friends named me because that’s what I specialize in and I do a lot of extensions, mainly sew-ins. So, he always used to say “we should just call you Sew Jodie and you should open up a salon called Sew Salon”. That’s basically how I got my name.
Q. I see you’re from England, how is it different from living there verses where you reside now in the ATL.
A. I’ve been here for over fifteen years now so I’ve actually adapted to the culture here. Culturally, there are a lot of differences here verses living in England.
Q. How would you compare the International hair industry to the hair industry in the states/Atlanta?
A. Because I do a lot of weaves, I would say in comparison to England, not necessarily internationally, I would say that it’s faster over here as far as the techniques, all the different styles and trends. I would say that a lot of English people would rather have a lot of the trends that are over here verses us taking the trends from over there.
Q. How did you become known as a celebrity stylist/make your break into the celebrity hair world?
A. At first I started doing YouTube videos so that’s where I met Porsha. I was doing her hair before she became a house wife, then she became a house wife, introduced me to Kandi and that’s how I got to do Kandi. I also worked with celebrity photographers and that’s where I met Rasheeda, Erica, and Kim Kimble. Basically word of mouth.
Q. Your sew-ins look so natural, how do you achieve that look?
A. The foundation is everything. The braiding is really small and I have a specific technique that I use so that it flows in a natural direction. The way I lay the tracks, I don’t do double, I always single track making sure the foundation is really good.
Q. How does your hairstyle techniques differ/set you apart from other stylists?
A. People always say there are so many hairstylist and competition in Atlanta. I don’t always feel that everyone is my competition only because we all do different things. Like a lot of good stylist or well known stylist, I would say that there are a few stylists that I think do great extensions and I look at them and say they do a really good job with their weaving but at the same time I don’t compare myself to them or think they are my competition. My style of weaving is more natural looking weaves, I like my weaves to look natural verses the big, glamorous, sexy type of weaves. Mine are more for the everyday working woman who wants to look fabulous and she can still glamorize her weave but when she goes to work in a corporate office she can still fit in with her peers as well.
Q. When you got into the hair industry, did you imagine your brand would become this huge?
A. No not really.
Q. What are some of the celebrity clients you’ve worked with and who are some you would like to work with that you haven’t just yet?
A. I would love to do Kim Kardashian’s hair of course, because that’s my style of hair. I like more of a natural look. I’m blessed to work with all the people that I work with, celebrities or non-celebrities, I’m just happy to be working.
Q. Do you normally create their look or do they come with a style in mind?
A. For the most part, a lot of my clients come knowing what they want. I try to let them make their own decisions as far as what they want because I’m not the type of stylist that will tell clients, you have a round face so you can’t wear a bob or layers. I feel like if you can own it, you can wear it. Now, as far as the install, if a client has a small forehead, I may tell her that she may leave hair out here or there for her weave to look more natural.
Q. As it relates to your brand, how did you get started in the industry and grow your brand to what it is today?
A. I always wanted to do hair ever since I was young. I actually went to school for business and finance because my mom was like, “No you cannot do hair. There is no longevity in hair. There is no money in hair.” After I got my degree I went to cosmetology school. My mom can’t stop asking me to do her hair now.
Q. I had a chance to attend your hair extensions launch here in Atlanta last year, how has that been going for you?
A. It’s been doing a lot better. Like most businesses it takes a while to grow and I feel like our business blossomed really fast. Our extensions are really good extensions; I try to make them affordable for everybody so that everyone can purchase them.
Q.Have you or would you ever do reality TV?
A. It would depend on what’s it’s about. As long as it is positive then, yes I would.
Q. How did your Sew Jodie tour go?
A. It was really good. I had a lot of fun and met a lot of great stylists. This year we adding an international tour going to four different countries. I’m looking forward to that and hopefully I can go back home and teach some of my fellow people the right way to do sew-ins, lace frontals, and closures. We are also going to a few different states in the US. For all announcements on tours people can
Q. What are some techniques you teach your hairstylist hopefuls?
A. I teach how to install sew-ins properly as far as foundations, how to lay your tracks. Also, I teach the lace closures and frontals and I will be incorporating the units.
Q. Is there anything else you would like people to know about Sew Jodie and the Sew Jodie brand?
A. We have an expo coming up, the I.R.I.E Mega Beauty Expo. It takes place in  Daytona Beach Florida on August 14th and 15th. Other than that…stay tuned.
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OMG Alert: You Won't Believe How Women Today Are Wearing Their Toenails
intHERviews: THTH Chats With Colleen Garey - International Hair Weft Guru

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