IntHERview: THTH Interview Joey McIntyre On New Show ‘Return of The Mac’

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What a way to return!

New Kids On The Block band member, Joey McIntyre will be hitting the road for a new band tour and has landed his own show on Pop TV, Return Of The Mac.

Joey’s new show is a scripted show that is centered around Joey’s real life.  In the show Joey is a married man and a father of three, who wishes to pursue a career in acting.  What happens with Joey is that his manager only finds him jobs that have nothing to do with the acting career he desires. Joey grows frustrated with the jobs he have to take on yet he still pushes forward.


THTH: On the show you were offered this job, what were your expectations of the job?

Joey: Yeah I wanted to do something different you know what I mean, but sometimes in life it’s not exactly the job you want but you got to say yes hoping that it leads to something bigger and better.

THTH: So what happened then your wife, she already kind of knew what you were expecting to tell her and that was after your meeting with January?  When your wife found out, she was like really? Is that what you are doing is a talk show? So what were your feelings then?

Joey: Well I guess that’s the conflict…where you try to convince your partner that it’s a great idea and my wife kind of supports it and goes along with the ride. That’s part of the season the ups and downs, she wants to go back to work and we have to deal with that as well.

THTH: What should we expect for the family now that you and your wife will be working at the same time?

To find out more…tune into PopTV, Wednesday, April 12th for the premiere of Return of the Mac to find out what to expect for Joey and his family at the end of episode 1.  Catch it every Wednesday.

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