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TIMELESS — Season: Pilot — Pictured: Abigail Spencer as Lucy Preston


At first glance, former Rectify cast member, Abigail Spencer was not feeling up to the role of committing to yet another TV show.  Being a mom to an eight-year old is hard enough while trying to  juggle her acting career and depending on the success of the new TV show, TIMELESS, could have this mom working overtime.

In a panel interview discussion Abigail Spencer opens up about her role as Lucy Preston in the new TV show TIMELESS, life as a working actress, motherhood, and her new website.

When everything began and you first read the role of Lucy Preston what truly as an actress made you read that and just say I need to be her? What really drew you to this role and really wanting to bring her to life?

(Question from Audrey at Mom Generations)

I had an opposite reaction in this case. I’ve been on Rectify four years and we shoot in Georgia, so I been on the road quite a bit going back and forth between L.A. and my son’s in school where we live and traveling and also not sure if I wanted to do another television show. It’s a huge commitment and you really have to sign up and plan to be invested into to playing this person and surrounding yourself with this world…… I had a little bit of a Lucy Reaction because I felt like when they were like “Lucy Preston come with us time travel is real” and she’s like “no it’s not bye everybody.” I had a similar reaction, I read it and I was like “no way I’m not doing that. CRAZY time travel? No.” And I think that was the right quality, I think it was the quality that was needed to play Lucy authentically. How cool would it be to make the teacher the hero?

How do working moms balance motherhood and a job?

(Question from Alicia at Making Time For Mommy)

No matter what job it is, it’s about being totally there and completely present for your children. Also serving and showing him (her eight year old son) that mommy had a dream when she was a little girl and she went after it and then made a whole life of it and now it’s her vocation. I try to include him and invite him into every part of the process. I really want him to understand and feel apart of it too. He’s been on every set that I’ve ever been on he knows all the people that I work with. And honestly it’s a lot on me too I travel all the time we are shooting during the week in Vancougar and he’s in school and I fly home every weekend. I’m grateful for Facetime and things like that but I think it’s just always being up for finding new ways to connect and finding new ways just to be together. Quality over quantity unfortunately at the moment is the big thing.

Can you describe your character’s feelings when homeland security showed up at her house saying they needed your help NOW and having to leave her sister behind and her sick mother? 

(Question from TractHerTrailHer)

When I hear a police siren or whatever when I’m driving I think I did something wrong. And I always think that they are coming to get me and that’s what I was thinking when they showed up like what would I do wrong?

Is there anything about your character that you feel you could identify with?

(Question from What’s Hot)

I can’t play somebody I don’t feel….connected to. With Lucy it’s been interesting getting to know her she is a person with great conviction and I think that is something I really respond to. I love her conviction about history. I love her conviction about belief. I love her conviction about her sister…her mother.

There is something about living in someone else’s shadow and how do you get from underneath that and follow your on calling? And I think that is where we meet Lucy is that there is something about the opportunity to time travel and do some thing so far away from the thing that she has really been pursuing which is basically just being another version of her mother that I think really helps her find her sense of purpose.

I think what you will find as you keep is that some of the mystery surrounded is like “who is Lucy Preston?” Why was she chosen for this mission? So on a deeper level I feel like I found a woman who is coming into her own through the process of the journey. I so respond to that.

In the interview Abigail also made mention of how many people ask more questions about her skin then her acting career.  I guess with the flawless skin she has, who wouldn’t want to know right? Because Abigail get questioned about this so often she shared that she has a blog called The Dew that will share information about skin care and more.

Be sure to check out Abigail Spencer on the new show TIMELESS, Monday nights at 10/9c on NBC.

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The New Face Of Cargo By Cynthia Bailey
John Wick: Chapter 2 Official Teaser Trailer

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