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I had the pleasure of interviewing Mrs. Bo Talley who I have been admiring from Instagram for the last few years.

When I first saw her, I was like ‘damn this lady got her ish together and her body is banging’ and there was a rumor going around that she was in her 50s so I really was feeling some type of way like I needed to get my life together.

Although I didn’t get to find out her age for my Facebook buddies, I really enjoyed this interview. Bo Talley was a real down-to-earth around the way kinda woman who is just like the rest of us and wants to look good, feel good, spend time with her man and family and collect those coins.

Peep the convHERsation I had with Mrs. Bo Talley:

Who is Bo Talley?
I am more than that “Instagram Lady”, well you know what, I am that person too because that’s when a lot of people were introduced to me and that’s cool, but before Instagram and even after Instagram, I’m a mother of 5, a wife and CEO of my own company which has been around now for 10 years or more Blac Pearl Entertainment and I’m hoping to do a big shindig about it this year. Also I’m into health and fitness
which I think that’s how you met me from the social media world. That’s who I am. I’ve always been that mentor to women. I’ve always been that fitness woman way before [social media] it’s just back then I didn’t post it. It wasn’t really things that were being posted about fitness unless you went out and bought the DVD, but social media has definitely made it easy for people to put it out there. With that being said, but that’s who I am. I’m that down-to-earth chick. I’m that lady who likes to have fun. Don’t let the
gray hair scare you, I’m her.

What’s a typical day like for Bo Talley?
It’s always crazy. Typically. If I’m home and I don’t have to do anything, I get up, I workout. I check my emails. Probably go eat some lunch with my husband. I check on his stuff and then we’re looking around the house to see what we can fix and make better. Deal with the family and going to bed. That’s a day that I don’t have to do anything. When I’m busy, it’s get up [and] workout. Eat breakfast with my man. We do that every morning together that’s one of our things. Then I’m off and he’s off to whatever he got
going on. I’m in at whatever time of the night and still try to manage Blac Pearl Entertainment at the same time and sometimes I may not got to bed until 3 or 4 in the morning, but that’s on a real, real busy day. I’ve learned how to manage a lot of things and I’ve kinda slacked up on going to certain things in the city that I don’t really need to be at all the time. So that’s my typical day. Getting up, working out always is a first. Eating that breakfast with my man and whatever it is that we can find to do throughout
the day that’s what we do on a slow day. Did that picture going viral have anything to do with your brand growing into what it is today? That’s how a lot of people were introduced to me because of the social media world, but I’ve always had my own brand. There’s Blac Pearl Entertainment and then there’s Bo

What is your primary goal for staying in such great shape?
I love the way it makes me feel.

What motivated you to start your fitness journey?
I wanted to get my athletic body back. After my last two children, my body did a 360 and I wanted to get my athletic body back.

How did you create your quality of life?
My family. I credit them for the crazy who I am and my children, my mom everybody just crazy. They cool. They fun.

You seem to have so much peace and be in a great place in your life. Does that influence have anything to do with your youthful glow?
You know what, I think it’s just I don’t care about what nobody doing for real. We’re women we have our moments when somebody might just tick us off and we gotta vent about it but that’s just human nature, but it’s not a constant thing on my brain worrying about the next ignorant person put it that way. If it comes off looking like I’m at ease and that I’m comfortable in my own skin it’s because I really am. I’m not perfect, I don’t try to be perfect.

There’s some things that I want to have altered on me and maybe one day I’ll do it, but right now I’m cool with who I am. I’m cool with the stretch marks, extra skin everything about me I’m cool with it. I tell people all the time I have this whether you see it in the picture or not trust me it’s there. I’m just cooling and relaxed with it and I just think that young spirit that I have it just comes from a loving family that loves to have fun and age ain’t nothing but a number so I think that keeps me where I am as far as how I look and how I feel because I didn’t grow up with people thinking they were too old to do this and that. I didn’t grow up like that so I don’t know nothing about it. So, when people be saying that “I’m too old” I don’t know nothing about that. I ain’t hear that from nobody in my family and I still don’t hear it today from the elders in my family because they be turned up. Life is not promised as we all know. So many of our loved ones or just people that we know or met around are just passing. Talking to them one day and then they’re gone the next. Life is just to live it and live the best life you can possibly live for yourself and not worrying about what people think or say. I think that keeps you young and fun and whatever path it is that you seek it. I don’t worry about it, I just do me. Again, I didn’t grow up with anybody in my family saying their old and they can’t do this. They still think they’re in their 20s.

Do you have an exact skin, food and fitness regimen you follow?
My skin regimen is I clean my face everyday that’s what I do [laughs]. So, definitely you need to clean your skin everyday. That’s number one. Really for my face, I love to open up my pores with a hot rag believe it or not. You have to be careful with a hot rag because hot water can dry the skin out. I definitely open up my pores first with a hot rag and then I wash my face. After I wash my face, then I rinse it off with a warm rag. It’s not as hot. I might use a couple of facial products. I love Neutrogena products and I love eucalyptus soap and you can find that at Whole Foods, in lavender, it gives you an even
tone skin and a glow.

As far as eating. I eat a lot of meat. Well, I don’t eat a lot a lot of meat, but I do eat meat. I know people are always asking me if I’m a vegetarian but no I eat meat. I eat chicken. I just learned I can’t eat beef anymore because I’m allergic to it. I’ll probably stray away from it a little bit and just to see what it does differently. Even though I don’t see where I’m allergic anywhere, it could be internally somewhere. Even on the external shell I don’t see it, but internally it could be having some effects on me so I’m going to stay away from beef for a while and see what happens. I love eating salads. I’m a huge fruit eater. I love every fruit there is. I eat a lot of fruit. I love it, love it, love it. I don’t drink sodas. I drink a lot of water. I like a lot of natural fruit juices. If it says 100% fruit juice then I’ll drink those. Like I like Welch’s and stuff like that, but that’s basically what I eat. I like chicken we do a lot of baked chicken. We don’t do a lot of fried foods in our house just every once in a blue moon. We eat more so baked and grilled. I bake everything up in here. I wasn’t really a turkey girl as far as turkey ground beef or whatever you call that
stuff, but I just started liking it so I’m doing that.

Those are my secrets. I try to drink a lot of water for sure and I love exercising and I don’t make up the excuse for why I can’t do it and I do believe that’s played a big part of me feeling great. Just really exercising and getting that cardio in and doing those things. I give that credit to me feeling good. Yeah it’s fine to want to look good, but I want to feel good.

As far as working out, yes, I workout everyday. I took a break because I injured my knee, but now I’m back at it. I’ve started a challenge and if you follow me on Instagram I’ve started a push up challenge that I made up myself. You should try it.

Do you ever develop a love for exercise?
You just don’t even develop a love for it because anything that pushes you to do something you don’t want to do, you just don’t like it. I don’t care what it is you really just don’t like it. Exercising ain’t easy. It’s just not. You can grow to love it but you just have to get that blood pumping in you and you just gotta start it and don’t jump into it instantly. Consistency is definitely the key. You can’t go into it expecting quick results. Anything that you want to hold onto, you gotta work hard for to keep it. That’s with exercising. You definitely got to work hard to get the results that you want. You can have any shape you want to. It’s up to you to on how hard you’re willing to work hard to get it. I don’t believe that people have to go and get surgeries and stuff to get that butt, that chest to flatten that tummy a little more it’s just about your consistency and your mind.

You definitely have to get your mind right. You gotta get your mind right first. Once you get your mind right, then you can go on to and completing that journey of exercising. It’s not easy, it’s not and I’m not going to act like it is easy because even for me sometimes I just don’t want to do it. I just know how I feel and I just go back to how I feel when I workout and get my butt on it. You gotta stay consistent.

Are you real big on eating organic food?
I’m definitely big on eating organic fruit. I don’t know what it is, it just has a different taste to it to me. It just seems much fresher. It might be a little pricey but I just know what I like and it depends on what you like and fruit is one of my things so organic fruit is what I do. As far as beans and things of that nature. No organic in that sense. I do like organic eggs, but everything in my house is not organic because that stuff is expensive.

Some of that stuff really doesn’t be organic. What I heard organic is is just the pesticides they put on the products. It’s not grown with the amount of pesticides that something, well how you know manure back in the old school days where you get stuff from the ground, but nowadays with all the redoing chickens and hens and processing meat so things are different. That’s what they’re saying when they say organic when you haven’t used this particular pesticides or this particular way of growing this chicken to multiply this chicken a fake way versus a real way you get to the old school way of growing or breeding that chicken or growing that fruit. That’s why what wasn’t expensive back in the day is. Now to get how it use to be back in the day, you gotta pay more for that. Seems like they would want you to pay more the cloned stuff. There’s just a different taste in the fruit for me and certain chicken that I’ve bought if I bought organic over the regular Tyson who might not be organic. There is somewhat of a difference but I guess your tastebuds will have to tell you.

Do you or have you ever considered offering fitness training or coaching services (both in person or even online)? Or even putting out a book with your fitness and beauty secrets, etc?
I am in the process of working and editing through what I have for me because what you see on my social media is true. I’m not in makeup, my clothes don’t match, my socks don’t match and as far as my fitness goes and doing my DVD, it definitely needs to be authentic to who I am. Whether people like what I put on my Instagram or how I place it, it’s not really for me to care what people think about me. It’s just for me to do what’s best for me in my heart and soul and be true to me. I do it in a certain way and I just
want the editing to come off authentic. I want people to feel like you can really do this in their home. If you’re that busy stay at home mom or that businesswoman, that you can find that 5 or 10 minutes 30 or 40 minutes in a day for yourself to get your health back on track or get that body you had before you had them kids. I am considering it. I have been invited to do some training expos and I’ve had classes at those, but because my schedule is so busy, it’s kind of hard to be on somebody else’s schedule they gotta be on mine that’s just it. I don’t really focus on training people personally, but if you want to come to house and get it in with me everyday when I get it in or wherever I am then I’m personal training you if that’s what you want to think.

What advice would you offer to women who struggle with their weight like
You just gotta start. You have to go at your own pace. Start with a brisk walk then adding in the weights and things of that nature. You slowly add to it. Don’t go into it thinking instantly I’m going to be a size 4 with a big ole gigantic 36, 45 inch booty. It doesn’t work like that. You have to take your time and go into and learn your body first. Pay attention to your body and know what exercises work for you. You could be doing something I’m doing all day and see no results because that’s not what you’re supposed to be doing. So you definitely want to pay attention to your body first and then start slow and gradually get into it. You’ll finally get the feeling of “dang, I need to put this burger down and do these pushups or do these crunches.” It’ll eventually come to you but it may not when you want it to but it will and that’s going to come from you getting your mind right and paying attention to your body.

How do you feel about this waist trainer craze?
It takes longer than a few months. I think there’s a big misconception about those waist trainers and I don’t knock anyone for wearing them and it makes them feel comfortable in their own skin because that’s what it’s about with women, we need to feel beautiful and sexy and need to be validated in a sense. If that does all of that of that for you then go for it, but read up on it and do your research on them and be very careful with them. Some people have different reactions to them than others. Some people can have some
internal issues where some don’t. It doesn’t work the same for everybody, but everybody
holding onto a hope and a wish and a dream.

We’re wishing for that small waist. We’re hoping that baby fat goes away. We’re dreaming for the perfect body. It’s a huge thing and it’s okay if that’s what it takes to boost your self-esteem then I’m all for it. I’m all for women not snapping because they’re mad about something. I’m all for women being happy in their skin and whatever you feel like you need to do to be happy do the proper research behind any surgery and alteration for you moving forward. I don’t knock them.

Before this gray hair trend started, you were already rocking your naturally gray hair. How did you come to a point where you embraced it or did you always have a love for it?
No I wasn’t like that at first I’m not gone lie. I’ve always had gray hair as a kid and I was ashamed of that because I didn’t want to get teased for being old because kids are harsh when you’re young. That’s not just some new stuff, kids were bullying when I was kid. It was not that I wanted to have the gray hair and that I was comfortable with it in the beginning of it, but then I think I just said forget it. I don’t have time to be dying my hair and plucking them out and the whole superstition of everyone you pluck you get two or
three more back. I started plucking them and I was like lemme quit because I’m going to have triple the amount. When I realized that wasn’t true that when you plucked it and a million gone come back, they just gone come back regardless whether you pluck them or not I just said forget it. I dyed my hair before in the past when I was young in my teens and early 20s a couple of times and I just stopped doing that and said this hair just gone do what it’s gone do.

Honestly, my children told me that it looked like highlights verses gray hair that’s when I was like okay cool. When people started complimenting it in a sense like chasing me down in the airport trying to figure out my age and my hair because they would be like it didn’t match. “Your hair is beautiful, but you look so
young” I just started embracing it. I was just like I’m just gone let this stuff do what it do Lord you in control over it. I’m the type of woman that if my immediate family, meaning my children and my man, are cool with it then I don’t give a damn what nobody else say. It is what it is now and I love my gray and I don’t have time to dye it and I don’t care to dye it and if people don’t like it then that’s their problem.

Is your hair natural? If so, what are some of your natural hair regimens?
It used to be but I had to go back to the creamy crack girl. I just said I can’t do this. It was more work than it needed to be.

As a fashion plate in Atlanta, how do you identify which designers, stylists and makeup artists to collaborate with?
I don’t. No I’m just kidding. Let me be honest, I love fashion, I love to look good, but I don’t know what is what. Like I don’t know the labels. I only know them because I hear people talk about them. I’m not in the store looking for them and I can care less. I go to the store and find what I think is pretty and comfortable for me and that’s what I wear. Whether if that’s at Forever 21 or some of the shops I see in the mall or Charlotte Russe might have a cheap little blouse and I might walk by and be like ‘oh that is cute’ I’m her.
I’m not like let me go to Giuseppe and get these or let me go to Louboutin and get this shoes. I’m not that girl. I do shop at different boutiques. I like stuff that a lot of people may not be wearing and be the first one to wear it, but it’s not because I’m looking for a label. I’m looking for what feels comfortable on me and what I feel is cute and sexy on me. People think that I spend a lot of time in places with fashion and I don’t. I’m not her and I probably will never be.

When I’m doing photo shoots and stuff and people want to put that on me, that’s fine if that’s what you want to do, but that’s not what I do. I definitely love looking good. I was raised around women and they took care of themselves. They took care of me and my brother and sister and made sure we looked
great when we were young. That just kinda transpired to me as an adult and I just continued to look great for me for myself.

I’m not into a lot of labels and stuff. I can’t even fake the funk girl. I won’t even fake the funk girl because I don’t know nothing about it. If you want to be a fool and spend that amount of money on labels, you can. I’ve always had to be a cautious spender because I’ve always had children. I’ve always had to do that budget thing and there’s no shame in my game. I don’t knock those who want to wear that. I have some expensive things in my closet I’m not going to act like I don’t. I have $400 and $500 dresses and shoes and purses and stuff like that. I got it but that’s not how I spend and that’s not my focus of fashion and labels are not my fashion. I just feel whatever is cute on me that’s what I wear. Some people love my fashion and they look at me and say “girl you always SLAY” and I’m like what is slaying because I don’t know. But if y’all think it’s slaying, well then gone lemme kill somebody then because in my head all I’m thinking is I’m just dressing. You’re just paying for the label. I’m not saying that I can’t, it’s just not my thing. My style is my style. It’s simple and it works and is appropriate for me. My grandmother always said “if you got it flaunt it and flaunt it as long as you can.” I feel like I got it so I can flaunt it if I want to. I can wear it a little tighter if I want to. As long as my man and my kids don’t have any issues then I’m good
with it.

What are your secrets on marriage?
Respect. Straight up. Respect and communication that’s just it. You really gotta have that respect for one another to have a great relationship with anyone. Understanding when it’s time to give someone some space and when you need to be in their face. At the end of the day, knowing how to communicate and respect each other I mean I don’t know what else to say. People always trying to find the secrets to something and ain’t no damn secrets. You either know what you wanna do or you don’t. Stop trying to fight to make it work when clearly you’re not willing to put in the work and you’re not willing to respect that person. That’s just it for me. We respect one another. Respecting their boundaries, respecting their jobs, respecting their opinions like you said even in friendships and stuff like that that’s what we want is to be respected by anyone and once you feel that way you’ll respect the person back and that gesture goes a long way in life for you to even want to deal with a person and how they treat you and he definitely treats me like a queen and he definitely respects who I am and what I do and vice versa. We understand that we’re both busy and we don’t have to be under each other all the time but we kinda like being under each other all the time but we don’t have to but we kinda like it.

How difficult has it been to support a husband in his ield while growing
your own brand?
My brand started before I met him. We’ve only been together about nine years and Blac Pearl started way before I met him, but I legitimized it eleven years ago, but I had started Blac Pearl over 15 or 16 years ago. There’s Blac Pearl Entertainment which is my company, my baby and then there’s Bo Talley who’s always been the mentor, the fitness lady, the one that’s always been the big sister and the mommy to everyone. I kinda started me way before he came into the picture so mixing basketball life and an entertainment life, which is the same thing, together was easy. It wasn’t really hard to do because he understood what I did being around entertainment and celebrities and working with celebrities and movies and he’s just been in this world for most of his life. It isn’t a hard thing to do because for me luckily I have a person who understands it.

I’m just going to be straight up honest with you, prior to him I was engaged to a young man who he didn’t get it. He just wasn’t into it. It was just a difficult balance. It’s always great to have someone, to me, who understands what you’re doing because they’re affiliated too and things just runs smooth and good for your. There’s no jealousy and no hate because you already know how that stuff goes. He already knows how it goes.

Continuing to build me while he’s doing him is easy because he supports it. He does a lot of my flyers. He’s my biggest cheerleader. Even if he can’t be there doing things, he’s my assistant. He’s my life coach. So branding Bo and his career at the same time hasn’t been hard. It hasn’t been a struggle because he gets it. On some real talk, he wants to make sure that I’m good taking care of myself in the event that something happens to him. It’s about making sure that you’re good and he will tell me “I need to make sure that you’re good in the event that anything happens to me ever.” I don’t see anything wrong with that and some people would because they believe a man’s supposed to be the sole provider and that’s okay but if that woman has a talent that God has given her, then why can’t she get out there and do her thing too. He doesn’t knock me for anything he just wants to make sure that I am good while I’m out there. He wants to make sure that I know how to hustle and do this that and the third if anything ever happens to him. It’s been easy to brand me and him have his career too.

How do you all find balance and time for each other?
We just started understanding each other’s schedules and what we like and what we don’t like. When we need to be in places with each other and when we don’t need to be in place with each other. We just kinda make it work. My husband is the type of guy he writes down everything. We have a calendar. He buys his calendar, my calendar and we have a big calendar so we kinda know what’s going on and where we’re at and at what time. It kinda works for us in a sense. Luckily for us, our children are kinda grown now no babysitters are required and they can take care of themselves so we don’t have nobody but the dog and we have kids who can worry about the dog now when we’re not here. It works out for us. If I want to go travel with him, I go. I put it in my schedule when I can go and vice versa. It’s been a really good balance. When the kids were in school, it was a little difficult but we made it work writing things down knowing where
each other’s is going to be so if one couldn’t be there the next could be there or that person can be in this place if another person had to be in another place. It’s just about getting our calendars together and saying this is how we gotta keep our lives together as far as what we’re doing and where we’re going as far as events and jobs and kids things. That’s how we kinda make it work. We make it work that way. Again, he’s in an industry which is entertainment and it’s basketball and I’m in the entertainment industry which is entertaining people, hosting parties whatever and it’s the same thing so he gets it. I get him, he gets me it’s just a different product but the same industry.

Is there anything else you would like us to know about you that most people
don’t know?
I’m a little OCD maybe. That’s probably it. I don’t know it could be some stuff my family could probably tell you.

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