In Shady Tweets: Is Karrueche Calling Chris Brown Disloyal???


Looks like Karrueche Tran was going in for “The Kill” when she tweeted about dudes talking about “these hoes ain’t loyal.”

Chris Brown’s former girlfriend Karrueche sent out a tweet a couple days ago and clearly we know who she has to be talking about. She tweeted:

Dudes keep saying “these hoes ain’t loyal” but… are you?


Of course the tweet got deleted, but not before we got a chance to screenshot it teeeeeheeee!!!! We’ve been holding onto it for a couple days mainly because we’ve had other things to post.

We all know of the seemingly ongoing love triangle between Karrueche, Chris and Rihanna until RiRi decided to just leave well enough alone. Not too long ago, Karrueche made it clear that she was single while Chris was busy professing his love for her. Just before that, they were all kissy face around he holidays and she was screaming “always and forever.” Guess ole girl woke up and smelled the roses and got tired of playing the fool. Who knows?!?

Sooooo, who y’all think she was talmbout?

Anywho…. Peep Chris Brown’s video Loyal below just for kicks.

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