Importance Of Temperature Control Settings On Your Curling Tools


Control!!! Do your curling tools have temperature control settings or do the temperature control you?

The old days are gone where you had hot tools that you used on your hair that you couldn’t control the temperature on.  If the tool temperature reached 400 degrees then you would only be able to curl your hair with that amount of heat.  The problem with curling irons that don’t have control settings is that you risk sizzling your hair.  Also, without these settings heat is normally distributed unevenly on the tool which results in uneven distribution on the hair.

Here are benefits of styling with curling tools with a temperature control setting:

  • Even heat distribution
  • You can adjust the temperature suited to work best with your hair texture, fine to coarse hair, so that you don’t risk applying excessive heat to fine hair and less heat to more coarse hair.  When too much heat is applied to finer texture hair you could burn your hair off your head and or cause heat damage to your tresses.
  • You don’t have to wait for the tool.  You know, curling irons without temperature control settings tend to lack the ability to maintain the temperature that is set to once you curl a few strands of hair back to back.  You normally have to wait a few seconds to curl your hair so that the heat can be redistributed on the curler
  • Great for touch up jobs.  Because you can control the temperature, when you need to bump a curl or two or touch up your scalp area, you can set the temperature lower than you had it when you initially curled your hair.
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