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idris-elba-details-magazine-spreadJust a few days ago, my future husband (in my head), Idris Elba, damn near broke the internet with what we thought was a world renown anaconda in his pants and now he has the nerve to torture us all and remind us how lucky his little boo thang is that just had his baby is by going shirtless for Details magazine.

The “No Good Deed” actor is the eye candy for Details magazine’s September issue where he dished on the roles he was sent after doing Mandela, his upcoming movie “No Good Deed”, being a DJ back in the day and his love for cooking. No mention of his lil’ girlfriend nor his newborn son, but some pretty interesting facts about him to say the least. I don’t know about y’all, but I love a man who not only looks good, but knows how to cook! LAWD!!! I just love that man!!!

Excerpt and more pics to drool over below:

On the scripts he received for roles after playing Mandela:
“You know, I’d just played this iconic human being, and the scripts I got afterward were sort of . . . disappointing.

“It’s hard not to sound disgruntled sometimes as an actor,” Elba says. Though, in truth, he doesn’t sound disgruntled—just eager to keep the momentum going, to see to it that these disparate strands of his career are pulled together in a direction he feels good about.

“Look, I know that I work a lot, but I’d prefer to wait sometimes because I don’t want to just do rubbish films anymore or characters that anyone can play,” he says.

On his upcoming character in “No Good Deeds”:
“There must be some demons within me, because I sort of enjoyed having that rage,” Elba says of his character. “The other actors were like, ‘Oh my God, you’re terrifying the shit out of me!'”

On being a DJ back in the day:
“It was survival tactics for a couple of years,” he says. “I was jobbing it. I used to finish at two or three in the morning and stump the fuckin’ streets back to Jersey City.”

On his love for cooking:
“I like to cook,” he says. “I went to Trinity boys’ school, Canning Town, East London, the edge of the industrial world. But we had this home-economics class where you got tough lads like me and my mates learning how to cook, and I absolutely loved that.”





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SPOTTED: Kim Kardashian In Balmain Leather Crop Top & Zebra Print Skirt
Morning or Evening Workout, Which is Better?

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