How To Trick Yourself Into Losing Weight

I’ve been on a weight loss journey since August 2011 and it has truly been a JOURNEY!!! I have been learning quite a bit about myself and my eating habits and I thought I knew everything about ME!!!

They say it’s “mind over matter” so I’ve been realizing it really is. I have to make my mind do what matters and what matters to me is losing weight and being healthy.

Summer time is fast approaching and we all want to get our beach bodies ready… Here are a few ways to trick yourself into losing weight:

Pay with cash:

I know, I know, NOBODY carries cash anymore, but carrying cash could save you a few extra pounds. If you’re quick to pull out the plastic to pay for food then you’re bound to gain a few unwanted extra pounds. When you run out of cash then you won’t be able to buy any fast food, sweets, ice cream or whatever your guilty pleasure is if you don’t have the funds…

Paint Your Nails:

I know most of us don’t paint our nails anymore because we got to the NAIL SHOP… BUT in case you’re like my mom who still does her nails from time to time, then the next time you want to grab a bag of chips paint your nails. The last thing you want to do is mess up that manicure and have potato chips all under your nails. Doing your nails will distract you from munching while you wait for your nails to dry.

Hula Hoop:

Y’all remember back in the day when your mom taught you how to hula hoop. Little did we know it was not only fun but a great exercise. I actually bought myself one last year, but have gotten a little too big in the mid section to keep it up and have lost my hula hoop skills, but it is a great, fun way to burn calories and tone up that mid-section.

Brush your teeth:

Not that it’s not already apart of your daily routine, but brushing your teeth after dinner can prevent you from late night snacking because it’s a signal to stop eating. The minty taste of the tooth paste stops your taste buds from craving any other foods since it doesn’t mix well with any other tastes anyway.

Eat cake for breakfast:


OMG! I have died and gone to heaven. You mean I can still eat cake and lose weight???? The answer is YES!!! Researchers from  Tel Aviv University (read about the study) had one group of dieters eat a 600-calorie breakfast that contained a sweet dessert and had another group eat a 300-calorie breakfast for 16 weeks. Both groups consumed the same amount of calories daily and both lost the exact same amount of weight. Afterwards, the groups were told to maintain their diets but eat more if they felt hungry. At the end of another 16 weeks the weigh-in was SHOCKING… The group who ate cake for breakfast lost MORE weight while the others regained back the weight they had lost from the first 16 weeks.. I guess it’s true what they say: “Don’t deprive yourself.”

Tighten your belt:

I’m not a belt wearer, but I guess tightening it up will make you stop eating.. But hey, when I get too full I just unbuckle my dang pants so not sure how this would work out for me lol.  Supposedly if you tighten your belt or tie something around your waist it will stop you from eating… NEXT!!!

Slice your food into small pieces:

Cutting your food into smaller portions can decrease your calorie intake. When you slice your food, it makes you slow down and chew your food properly allow you to get full quicker.

Pour salt or water on your food:

When you’re full, it’s a great idea to pour either salt or your drink onto your food. It might sound crazy but if your food is too salty or watered down, it will force you to stop eating once you’re full. You could also pour ketchup, mustard or anything else in your food that would make you push away from your plate.

For more trick ways to help you lose weight, check out Fitbie.

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