Give Your Body An Almond Treat With Carol’s Daughter Almond Butter Line


Wake up to the sweet smelling aroma of almonds.

Give your body the moisture it craves by using natural, essential oils to help hydrate the skin and help it maintain its elasticity.  Carol’s Daughter Almond Cookie Body Care line is made up of all natural almond oil with no artificial oils.  It’s sulfate free making it less harsh on the skin than other skin care lines.  This skincare package is the treat your skin will thank you for later. To give your body a treat click here.

Sweet Almond Butter – its properties are similar to Shea Butter and it contains essential fatty acids. It is great for dry skin/scalp because it hydrates the skin and restores elasticity. (


AlmondCookie_BodyButter4oz AlmondCookie_BodyCleansingGel8oz

Photos: Carols Daughter

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