[GASPS] Skinny Jeans Could Cause NERVE DAMAGE???

Women in Skinny Jeans

When I first saw the headline “Skinny Jeans Cause Nerve Damage,” the first thing I did was laugh my ass off literally because ish that tickled me to death. The next thing I thought was, this has to be some kinda sick ass joke, right? WRONG!!!

Skinny Jeans become a huge part of the fashion industry and have been a part of my and many other women’s (and some men smh) wardrobe for the last few years. They’re not only cute, but they’re comfortable (well, they’re supposed to be) and look great with a pair of heels.

So, me being me, I had to watch the clip because I wanted to hear what they had to say. I meeeeeeeaaaan, if the news was reporting it, it had to be serious, right?

Well, apparently those who love to wear the skin-tight, painted on skinny jeans need to stop it because it could cause serious nerve damage in their legs.

According to ABC News’ Rachel Smith, who investigated the health problems associated with the fashion trend, wearing skinny jeans too tight can pinch the nerves in your thighs and your hips causing Meralgia Paresthetica, which occurs when one of the nerves in the outer thigh gets compressed and pressure on it causing symptoms of tingling, numbness and pain. Other possible health hazards include: abdominal pain, heartburn and even blood clots.

Skinny Jeans Could Cause Nerve Damage

Now I was thinking to myself, who in the hell would wear jeans that cause tingling and numbness in their legs much less abdominal pain. Chile, you’ll be surprised because I have seen a few chicks (and dudes smdh) in some skinny jeans that I wondered just how in THEE hell did they get them on. I mean, the kinda jeans you see that look like they were spray pained on or look like they’re about to burst at the seams because they’re just under too much damn pressure to stay on the mofo wearing them.

But is that going stop people from wearing them? Ummmmm, probably not. And ¬†since nobody is gone stop wearing them, here’s what doctors suggest:

  • Go stretchy, give your body room to breathe.
  • Also, ladies, ditch the heels because they cause circulation problems.

Skinny jeans…. wear them responsibly!!!!

Watch the clip below:

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