Introducing: Freakum Dress Friday

To be or not to be… NOT!!! Introducing Freakum Dress Fridays!!!

Alright now it’s my favorite day of the week, it’s FRIDAY! It’s the first day of the weekend, it’s hot outside and you know all the divas gone have on their best Freakum dress and head to the club. So I was out and about shopping for some Freakum Dresses myself and ran across this one. My sister actually picked it out for me lol. I don’t even know where I’m gone wear it to and my husband is probably gonna freak out when he sees it, but oh well I thought it was cute and looked real good on me lol!

Before yall even start wondering… “Is she gone wear that hat with that dress?” NO I’m not it went with the outfit I had on when I tried on the dress LOL! But yes I did buy this dress and I’m going to wear it somewhere! I have the PERFECT shoes for it now all I need to do is find some accessories and my freakum dress ensemble will be complete :)!

So ladies, it’s Friday, get your best Freakum dress on and go have you some fun.

Ladies, if you want to show off your best, sexy Freakum Dress on my blog, be sure to send your pics to  and I’ll post your pic on the next freakum dress Friday! C’mon now, every woman got one so don’t be shy!

Here’s the queen of Freakum dresses, Bey! Let em know how we do it girl!

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