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First Lady Michelle Obama Talks Favorite Music

Michele Obama Vogue First Lady Michelle Obama Talks Favorite Music

Michelle Obama has revealed what her current favourite songs are, and it happens to be quite surprising list. I think we all knew one of the people that would be named on that list, but the rest was quite unexpected. The First Lady says she’s really into listening to Frank Ocean’s album,Channel Orange; it has become her favourite album of the year mainly because Ocean has a very soulful voice to him that happens to be very refreshing in 2013.

Speaking to People Obama’s wife continued that she also loves listening to her BBF Beyonce’s music all day long. Now, the reason we refer to Beyonce as Michelle’s best friend is because they do happen to spend a lot of time together; working on charities, having dinner, meetings and regular chats together. So to support the singer in return, she has been listening to her music. It’s only fair enough to do, isn’t it? Ha.

Read more over at Hollywood Hiccups.

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