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Fantasia The Definition Of album just dropped and already it’s topping the charts. Fanny sat down for the AOL Build sessions to dish on her fifth album and what it means to her.

During the interview with Donna Freydkin, Fantasia addressed on fighting for this new album “The Definition Of…”, growing up on music, not allowing folks not to put her in a box and more.

I learned a lot a bout Fantasia during this interview including her being first cousins with former Jodeci members K-Ci and JoJo. I also learned there was a time when she actually wanted to quit the music industry due to them “prostituting her gift”.

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Peep some of my key points from Fantasia’s AOL Build Sessions interview:

On not allowing folks to put her in a box:
I’m not going to allow anyone to put me in a box anymore. How are you going to tell me what to sing and how to sing it if I’m the artist?It’s weird. It’s almost like if I’m the artist as soon as I come in you want to tell me what the look should be, what the sound should be then that means you’re prostituting my gift then I’m not the artist anymore. You’re telling me what to be, what to do, I couldn’t do it anymore.

On how she defines her new album ‘The Definition Of…”
It’s rock, soul. People say “what do you mean when you say that?” It means it’s a little bit of everything. Soul is in me that will never leave. You’re gonna always get an ‘ahhhh’ or a lip quiver. I can’t help that. But I grew up on good music so I wanted to bring that to my album. I wanted to bring a little bit of everything and God gave it to me #RockSoul.

The Definition Of… I feel like everything I’ve been through. I’m every woman at this point. People can say some bad things about me, but they can also say that she turned it around. So I’m the definition of whatever you want to put behind that.

I’m the definition of a fighter. The definition of strength. The definition of music. I feel like I’m every woman at this point and I put it into this album.

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On having the balls to stand for what she believes in and what she wants:
Come on. After everything that I’ve been through and to stand through all of that nobody can tell me anymore. It’s not me being mean or cocky, it’s me saying ‘I made it.’ If you could’ve walked in my shoes, I promise you would’ve gave them back.

On trusting that feeling and going for your dreams:
Anybody in this room if you have a feeling, trust that feeling. When you have a feeling, trust that feeling and go for it. Trust the feeling and understand that it will be bumpy in the beginning, but it’s only bumpy because it’s supposed to happen. Does that make any sense? Like nothing comes easy. My grandmother used to tell me “to much is given much is required and anything worth having is worth fighting for.” So, trust the storm while you’re getting there, but once you get past that feeling, it’ll come forth because you trusted it.

That part Fantasia spoke about with trusting that feeling literally gave me chills and spoke to my spirit. Sometimes I swear that girl should’ve been a preacher or a first lady.

After watching this interview, I had an even larger love and respect for Fantasia. Yes, she has been through a lot and living in the public eye didn’t make it any easier I’m sure, but she made it through the storm. Everything we go through is for a reason and is not only a TEST, but a TESTimony.

When I listened to Fanny’s new album The Definition Of… for the first time, I was elated. That album literally is rock soul and I absolutely love it. I listened from start to finish and had that thing on repeat.

One of my absolute favorite songs is the single ‘Crazy’ because that’s how I feel on the daily. If you haven’t gotten her album ‘The Definition Of…’ yet, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Watch the full interview below:

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Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 3 Super Trailer
Empowering Atlanta Event Hosted By Prince Carter

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