My Eyebrow Tint Experience

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My sister tried it first.

Finally drawn in by the craze of eyebrow tinting, I decided to follow in my sister’s footsteps after she went to Candy Brow Bar to have her brows.  Prior to visiting Candy Brow Bar, she and I both had been following Candy Brow Bar on their social media for many months, watching them transform eyebrows from being an eye distraction to and eye attraction. So I finally stepped foot into the brow bar and here is my experience.

As I entered into the brow bar, I was greeted and had to sign in.  The setup in the bar is beautiful white and purple with a modern, glam style. At this particular brow bar, they only accept walk-in clients, which for me I personally didn’t like because I’m a woman that would rather schedule an appointment to avoid longer waiting periods.  Due to their walk-in only policy of course, my wait, even on a weekday, which was a Wednesday or a Thursday, I had to wait for about an hour before I was seen.

Once I made it to the chair, my brow tech provided me with information needed on the service. She explained how long the product would sit, about how long it would last, and how to care for it.  My tech was really nice and friendly.  After my service was complete, I was pleased with everything but the outcome: not that my tech did a bad job but because of how my natural brows are/were at the time of service. I don’t think that this service is for women that have scarce hairs in their brow area because the product don’t really have anything to adhere to so you don’t’ get the same effect as a person who have fuller brows.  Also, I believe if my brows were tinted with just a brown colored tint then I might have liked the outcome better.  This color may have complimented my scarce brows hairs better than the dark brown/black tint used.

For me I’ll stick to pencilling my eyebrows in.

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