Evelyn Lozada Credits Carl Crawford For Saving Her Life + Writes Special Message To Unborn Son [Video]

evelyn-lozadaLike millions of women around the world, Evelyn Lozada has had to kiss a hand full of frogs before she met her KING.

A few months ago, Evelyn announced that she was pregnant by her now fiance, LA Dodges Carl Crawford, and it seems she has been happier than ever. In a recent interview with Life & Style Magazine, she dished on how he saved her after going through the terrible, public domestic violence incident with Chad Ochocinco.

That entire incident [with Chad] led me to where I’m at now.”

I would say my broken bridge led me to happiness,” she says. “If I had to do it again, I would because I truly feel complete right now in my life and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

He came into my life at a perfect time. Everything that happened makes me appreciate him 1,000 times more and he also makes me a better person.

I appreciate everything and I thank God every day for my life…I’m really lucky and really, really blessed.

Nothing like true love to pull you out of a dark place.

She continues talking about her unborn son…

He’s going to give me a run for my money! I’m like, ‘Oh my God, he’s going to want to play and get dirty.

I’m just looking forward to all these amazing things that come with having a boy and a baby….I just want him to love and respect all women.

Evelyn shared the picture above on Instagram with a special message/short poem to her son that reads:

‘No doubt you’re a son of mine’,
You make me feel happy even when I’m sad, because the formation of another life makes me glad.
Proud of you I am,
I already know how you’ll be,
a smart ‘lil’ man for mommy to see,
no worries from me a mom to be,
to a special baby boy I can’t wait to see. 

Peep the little video of Ev enjoying her baby’s movement:


2 thoughts on “Evelyn Lozada Credits Carl Crawford For Saving Her Life + Writes Special Message To Unborn Son [Video]

  1. I’m happy for her, and I hope it works out, so that I don’t have to see her on any more reality shows with the words “wives” in it.

    Her friend Jennifer Williams was right, and she threw it away over Chad.

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