Do We Keep The Promises We Make To Ourselves???


Last Thursday, I was scrolling through my phone on Facebook looking for #ThrowbackThursday pics to post on our Instagram page when I ran across the picture above of the car I was in when I had an accident back in 2013.

On March 18, 2013, my sister and I was on our way to work. We worked at the same place so we used to carpool. It started out as a normal day of course, we had just dropped off my middle niece and were getting ready to meet our other sister and drop off my youngest niece who had spent the weekend with us on our way to work.

Normally, me and my sister were always running late for work. It’s like I don’t care what time we get up for work, either she or I would always be running behind, but today we were on time and extra early leaving for work and that was RARE…. When I say RARE, I mean R A R E!!!! LOL!!!!

To our surprise, us leaving extra early like that meant we still weren’t going to make it to work because we were in an accident. As my sister was getting ready to come through the green light over the bridge, a big red truck made a left turn into us and sent her car flying down the ramp heading onto the highway. It was by the grace of God that she was able to stop the car just before we ended up on the interstate.

Seeing this picture reminded me of how I felt that day, how I was so thankful that we all made it out with only a few minor bruises and it also reminded me of this journal entry I wrote to myself some days later about how this was such a life changing experience and that I would change my life because I was so thankful for a second chance.

As I look back on the journal entry, there are so many promises I made to myself that I haven’t kept or probably even thought about months after I wrote it. It kind of reminded me of New Year’s Resolutions that we make every year and don’t stick to them but the first few months of the year and I thought to myself ‘how could I break a promise I made to myself?’ When I tell other people I’m going to do something for them I do it, but why don’t I keep that same “word is bond” mentality when it comes to myself?

It’s crazy how pictures can take you back to a particular moment as if it just happened because this one really did. It reminded me of how scared I was that day that I might not make it and the letter I wrote to myself days after. As I reflect on that letter, the things I wrote weren’t even far fetched things, but things that I really need to do in my life to accomplish my goals and dreams and these are things that I still think about daily, but not to this extent.

This picture reminded me of God’s grace and how it’s my duty to live out the life He has planned for me and to make sure that I see all my dreams become a reality. It also taught me that I need to stop not only making empty promises to myself, but focus more on doing instead of talking.

I really thank God for saving my life and I’m looking forward to doing those things I wrote in my journal that day. Whenever I get to a point where I want to give up or forget where God has brought me from, I’m going to look at this picture. Sometimes you need that motivation and reminder of what could’ve been but it wasn’t because God just isn’t through with you yet. I’m still here for a reason and it’s time to live in that reason.

Have you made promises to yourself that you haven’t kept? I’d love to hear from you!!!

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