DAMN What A Steal On These Heel Less Wedges—-You Won’t Believe This Deal

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SHOES! SHOES! SHOES and more shoes!!! Can a woman can have too many shoes?  Is there really a such thing?

Earlier today I went into the store to find some jeans.  My only intention was to get jeans and that’s it.  If you are like me you know your one item list can turn into a laundry list of things especially if you find a good sale.  While heading into the fitting room I noticed these heel less wedges sitting on the shoe rack.  So I picked up the wedges to see the size and of course the price.  No price tag, so I asked the cashier to check the price for me and she gave me the price.  The cashier also double checked to see if wedge heels were on clearance.  To my surprise they were a clearance item she said, “how do $9 sound?”…..I said “great.”  When she rung the shoe up the shoes came up as $3.  I was like….”you have got to be more careful.”

DAMN What A Steal On These Heel Less Wedges…..told you, you wouldn’t believe this deal.  Only $3 paid.

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