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  1. Order number 259was for six lip color 2-chic 1 strut,2 innocent, 1 blush as of today feb 18th i received 1chic, 1strut,1innocent,1blush i am still missing 1chic 1innocent .would like to know when my order will be complete ? thank you

  2. Heyyyy TractHerTrailHer
    First off I must start by saying I am a HUGE fan of you Blogs/site I have been since we hooked up on Tumblr love them all…but I just have a question…I am a new blogger/media (Diva) personality for radio and television and I am slowly but surely inching my way in to the world but It just seems like I can’t seem to meet the right people to get more knowledge/understanding on this blog lifestyle…now my question is what advice could you share with me a new blogger in this industry that’s trying to get noticed??? Another question have you ever thought of having a New Blogger workshop to help woman like me that is serious about their career and dreams and who wants to be a better blogger??? I live in North Carolina but I am willing to travel to get more experience/knowledge on what I am passionate about…blogging an broadcasting for both radio and television.
    Thank you for being a Role Model in my eyes!!! You are the best!


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