Ciara Is Still Baby Bumpin’ Around [Pics]


It’s funny I just posed a question on out fan page a few days ago asking whether or not Ciara had her baby or not and she surfaced out of no where.

Yesterday, Ciara was out in LA baby bump in’ around and she was shipping for Easter baskets and visiting the Easter bunny.

She posted a few pics to her Instagram with her taking a quick snapshot with the Easter bunny and another of her holding an ice cream cone. Seems that CiCi is still carrying her little bundle and he’s giving her all kinda cravings.

She writes:

Then we stopped to get ice cream. Loving butter pecan these days. 🙂 #HappyEaster.

Not sure when CiCi is due, but it looks like she’s about to pop so I’m sure any day now. We can’t wait to see how cute her and Future’s seed turns out to be. You know, after they stop playing peek-a-boo baby for a few months after he’s born.


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