Chrissy Lampkin Launches ‘Lady Vamp’ Tees

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A while back right after “Chrissy & Mr. Jones” finished up season one, Chrissy Lampkin posted the picture above hinting that she was gearing up for the ‘Lady Vamp’ launch.

If you watched “Chrissy & Mr. Jones” last night, you would’ve seen that Chrissy has fully taken over the ‘Lady Vamp’ clothing line and has officially launched the line during fashion week. She did a soft launch just showcasing her ‘Lady Vamp’ tees so that everyone would know it was coming, and now it’s finally here.

I actually went to check out some of the tees from Chrissy’s ‘Lady Vamp’ line and some of them are pretty hot, especially the fang tee and the cropped pullovers. I thought those were very creative.

The ‘Lady Vamp’ tees include the fang tee, cropped pullovers and hoodie, then just your regular ole tee with a quote, Lindsay Lohan or bloody boobs. There are also a few snapbacks and skull caps as well.

Check out some of the tees from the ‘Lady Vamp’ line below:

chrissy-lampkin-lady-vamp-fang-tank-grey-and-red-tracther-trailher chrissy-lampkin-lady-vamp-fang-tank-light-grey-tracther-trailher chrissy-lampkin-lady-vamp-bloody-boobs-tee-tracther-trailher

chrissy-lampkin-lady-vamp-tees-tracther-trailher chrissy-lampkin-lady-vamp-cropped-fuck-me-bloody-pullover chrissy-lampkin-lady-vamp-cropped-harlem-hooded-pullover chrissy-lampkin-lady-vamp-cropped-pullover


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R. Kelly Teases Us With Track #1 'Legs Shakin' From His "Black Panties" Album [VIDEO]
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