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Atlanta MUA Ambriea Dixon Makes Men Flawless With Corrective Makeup For Men

Y’all know I’m always scrolling Facebook looking for inspiration and things to write on when I have writer’s block or am looking to write about someone other than a celebrity, movies and entertainment, fashion or just the basic things most blogs blog about. One of my Facebook friends, Ambriea Dixon, posted a picture of some […]

Why Women Should Sleep With No Panties

  “T-shirt and my panties on” lyrics from Adina Howards hit song T-Shirt & Panties featuring Jamie Foxx .  Once you hear what I’m going to share with you you’ll agree that the lyrics should went more like t-shirt and my panties off. Why? Incoming search terms:las kardashian quienes son?maybelline 24hr tatooJamie Foxx how many wives has he […]

The Single Life: Staying Single Too Long Has Its Effects

The Single Life: Staying Single Too Long Has Its Effects Every time I turn around, I see yet another person, especially women, hollering “team single” or “the single life” or “single and ready to mingle.” To be honest, when I was single, I was pretty much over it after the first year which ended up […]

5 Things My Kids Will Never Do Together Because Of Their Age Gap

Growing up, I always wanted to have a boy and a girl, of course I wanted my son to be the oldest and the daughter to be the youngest, let’s just say….I got my wish. Ideally, I just wanted to have kids that weren’t too far in age, but for that wish, I didn’t get. […]

Dear Instagram, What Happened To The #MILF Hashtag???

Honestly, I don’t even remember how I ended up finding out that Instagram had removed the #MILF hashtag, but more than likely, I ended up clicking it trying to do something else because I’m always doing that. I have a severe case of butterfingers. No matter if I’m texting or not, I’m always clicking on […]

A Rape Survivors Open Letter To Inspired Me To Share My Story!!!

Hello… My name is Meiqua Yushundra and I’m a rape survivor. For some reason, I thought all this stuff about Bill Cosby and the rape allegations cases had died down, but I guess they haven’t died down all the way. I was browsing over at one of my blogger buddies site I ran across a […]

VIDEO: LisaRaye Talks Double Standards For Black Women But I’m Not Mad About It!!!

A video of LisaRaye has been circling around of her in an interview with 97.9 The Box and she’s discussing the differences in how society treats a black woman verses women of other races when it comes to sex tapes. In the video, LisaRaye uses both Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian (even though she never said […]

Spring Break 2015 In The Bahamas

Last week was Spring Break and I must say I truly enjoyed myself. My family and I took a Carnival Cruise to the Bahamas and it was amazing because not only was it my first trip to the Bahamas, but it was also my first cruise. At first when we boarded the ship, I thought […]

Soon As I Sign Up For Walmart Savings Catcher, They Go And Pull This!!!

Soooooo, about a month or so ago, I decided to jump on this whole Walmart Savings Catcher thing to see what they were all about and just when I started to collect a few coins from their little savings, they go and change their terms and ish. Walmart claims to be one of the lowest […]

Battle Of The MILFs: Amber Rose vs. Kim Kardashian

Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian have been showing us that just because they are moms doesn’t mean they don’t still have it. The two socialites took it to their social media pages to show off their bikini bods and are shutting shit down. A while back, Kim Kardashian was trying to break the internet, but […]