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We Tried It – Inexpensive Do It Yourself Label Transfers

What a cool and inexpensive way to create label transfers. Scrolling through Facebook, you now see tons of videos, some good and some bad, some funny, some sad. In scrolling I ran across a video about creating label transfers using tape and it caught my interest. I watched the quick thirty second video and thought, this is […]

Mind Your Own Womb We’re Trying To Conceive 

Mind Your Own Womb We’re Trying To Conceive While I have received compensation for this post from Fertility Planit, all opinions are my own. My current boyfriend and I actually started off as friends before we started dating. We had been friends for a while and all of a sudden after we attended a family […]

TractHer TrailHer’s Pretty And Preggo Babes

    This year has been flooded with beautiful pregnant woman. For the past few years, it seems that some of my favorite celebrities are having either their first or last child or getting married. Either way, they are making or expanding their families. Check out some of favorite Pretty and Preggo Babes thus […]

4 Reasons Marriage Sucks!!!

Along with the happy times there are the trying, the bad, the ugly. Marriage is more than just the wedding day. Although the wedding day tends to be the most happiest, memorable moment in a marriage, it’s not the only day. Through the years of marriage you will experience different things that you may grow to love […]

7 Reasons Why A Wife Should Leave Her Family

  Life as a wife, mom, or spouse can be hectic, especially when you can never seem to get a break away from work, your family, or both. As a woman, we too alone with others tend to think we can do it all, that we are super women.  Yes we may appear to be […]

Parenting Mistake – Do You Admit When You Are Wrong?

Perfect parent???  There are none, but do you pretend to be in front of your kids?  Big parenting mistake is not admitting when you are wrong and pretending you are mistake free when it comes to your little ones. When you entered into parenthood, you may have envisioned being the perfect parent to your kid(s).  Not literally speaking, you are the […]

ConvHERsation With Attorney & Business Consultant Lenise Williams

ConvHERsation With Attorney & Business Consultant Lenise Williams I had the pleasure of interviewing attorney, business consultant and branding expert Lenise Williams. I honestly didn’t really know much about her, but there’s nothing you can’t find without Google. After I Googled her, I learned quite a bit about her and even shared some of my […]

Atlanta MUA Ambriea Dixon Makes Men Flawless With Corrective Makeup For Men

Y’all know I’m always scrolling Facebook looking for inspiration and things to write on when I have writer’s block or am looking to write about someone other than a celebrity, movies and entertainment, fashion or just the basic things most blogs blog about. One of my Facebook friends, Ambriea Dixon, posted a picture of some […]

Why Women Should Sleep With No Panties

  “T-shirt and my panties on” lyrics from Adina Howards hit song T-Shirt & Panties featuring Jamie Foxx .  Once you hear what I’m going to share with you you’ll agree that the lyrics should went more like t-shirt and my panties off. Why?

The Single Life: Staying Single Too Long Has Its Effects

The Single Life: Staying Single Too Long Has Its Effects Every time I turn around, I see yet another person, especially women, hollering “team single” or “the single life” or “single and ready to mingle.” To be honest, when I was single, I was pretty much over it after the first year which ended up […]