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If I Had A Pool In My Backyard, This Is How I Would Want It To Look…

I purchased my first home at the age of 25 and although it wasn’t my dream home, I was very proud of it. I’ve always been a person to set goals for my life and one of my goals was to purchase my first home by age 25 and I did that and now I’m working […]

Favorite Quotes That Help You “Get Yo Life”

Ever read a quote that made you go hmm? Got your mind to thinking? Motivated you to finish something you started? Didn’t that quote just made you get yo life? Here are 10 quotes that we love to help you get yo life togethet: Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard~Tim Tebow Circumstances […]

Mom’s Who Splurge—What’s Your BIGGEST Splurge???

“MOMMY, MOMMY, MOMMY” followed by ” can I have?” says the little ones.  Do this line sound familiar? As moms, by nature we are the nurturers of the world and not matter if you are living in a two parent household the kids just love to come to mommy.  Why? Because I believe children know […]

FELLAS BEWARE: Thirst Buckets & Trap GAWDS Are Buying Fake Sonograms & DNA Tests!!!

Remember last year when I told you all about the chicks selling fake positive pregnancy tests on Craigslist??? Well the level of desperation and thirst has taken a new height as I have come across some more disturbing ass site where women can make fake sonograms, DNA tests and even fake pregnancy proof documents… And […]

Unbundled — A Collection Of Poems By Joyce Hunter

Yesterday, while I was spending time with a really close friend, she mentioned to me that one of our former co-workers had written a book. Now y’all know how I get excited when someone I know is doing BIG THANGS POPPIN’ that I have to write about it and tell the world. I met Joyce Hunter […]

ATTENTION GLADIATORS: Get Your Personalized ‘Pope & Associates’ Tee

Soooooo, how have you all been coping without Pope??? Well, the wait is almost over as we are only eight days away from all sitting in front of our TV hanging on for dear life as ‘Pope & Associates’ handle yet another political scandal. Scandal left off with us hanging on the edge of a […]

Upcoming Reality Show ‘Single Mother’s Of Atlanta’ Raise Awareness For Breast Cancer

This past October, TractHer TrailHer was invited to attend an upcoming reality TV show’s Single Mother’s of Atlanta first annual Pink Carpet Breast Cancer Walk. The Single Mother’s Of Atlanta is a reality show that will shed light on everyday single mothers pushing hard to reach their dreams, be the mom and dad, and show […]

TractHer TrailHer Is Attending The Best Man Holiday Girls Night Out Screening Event

We are super excited about attending “The Best Man Holiday Girls Night Out” screening event here in Atlanta. We received our Girls Night Out package in the mail yesterday which included “The Best Man” DVD, “The Best Man Holiday” soundtrack, four “Best Man Holiday” T-shirts and a blanket. Today, we’ll be going to see “The […]

TRIO TIME: Me & My Sisters Hit Aspen Grille & Bartini In Buckhead

If you all knew me personally, you would be surprised to know that I really don’t get out much, but lately I have been hitting the streets and it feels great. A few years ago, me and my sisters made it a point to always have some “trio time” every week on Wednesday nights, but […]

Brahmin Event At Lenox Mall With Hannah Bijoux

TractHer TrailHer had the pleasure of being invited to get a first look at the Brahmin Holiday collection at their location in Lenox Mall here in Atlanta. Before being invited by celebrity stylist and fashion extraordinaire, Hannah Bijoux, we had no idea this line of fabulous handbags even existed, and had honestly never heard of them, but […]